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    Are THERE many older people playing clash?

    Just curious. Our clan has a 71-year-old kid playing.
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    There are quite a few.

    I'm 57 myself, and know some older people who are playing.
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    There are quite a few.

    I'm 57 myself, and know some older people who are playing.
    Really? That's good to know! I thought the updates made the icons cartoonish and old players more or less don't like it anymore.

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    Im 37yrs young and theres even 40yrs young in our clan but 71yrs old one thats bit too much.Glad to see that even ppl at that age like to play games

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    Oldie here too. 56.

    Just another phase of my gaming.

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    My old clan had a few grandparents truly is a game for all ages.
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    it seems I am one of the younger players....48
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    Define "older" 🤔

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elezar View Post
    Define "older" 樂
    I was literally gonna say that
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    Probably at work not working clearly. Doh!
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