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Thread: Miss Behaving

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    Miss Behaving

    Yes we joke around some, but we take derby seriously. Quiet or talkative, you are welcome here so long as you communicate and like to work as a team.

    173 Gold and climbing back up the LeaderBoard.

    There are no secrets here....we work hard at derby, we work as a team, we help each other when needed, our rules are the less rules the better.

    No thin skinned people need join. All sticks should be removed before joining us!

    Here's the small print:
    No outside communication required, but you must communicate in game. We try to keep the rules to a minimum as we are all adults & expect everyone to act accordingly. Unless it's Happy Hour, then who knows what might happen!

    Here are our rules:

    Read hood message board!
    10 mandatory tasks, MAX POINTS ALWAYS
    Don't raid shops
    Yell in chat when you flag a boat crate....derby or non derby.
    Have fun and don't be a jerk <<< seriously, don't be one.

    We aren't family, but some of us like each other.
    We have a diverse all adult group from all over the world, USA, Sweden, Norway, UK, Finland, Indonesia, Mayalsia, India, Iran, Italy, Netherlands, Canada.

    If we have stiff competition, YES, you have to finish quickly. Stacking is your friend!

    Warning: We have occasional outbursts of adult humor.

    We love helping anyone on the team, but plan to help too.

    Miss @ Miss Behaving

    Please Note:
    Also in the family is a slightly less competitive hood called---------
    Miss Behaving Spank It! They are 310+, no 10th required. Great group!

    __________________________________________________ _____
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    Happy Monday......

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    Red face

    Best hood in the game
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    Thanks Jackie!

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    I love the name of you NH. You should spell it Miss "Beehaving"

    ~Trish~ from Land Of Milk & Honey -)

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    Felt bad for my farm animals so I made a return and looking for a neighborhood. Level 59 from Las Vegas... yes I'm an adult 😜

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    [QUOTE=MissBehaving;8856754]1 Spots available Monday afternoon! We do a delayed derby start.

    Not into a ton of silly rules! Please don't raid shops, save some watering for tasks, help when you can, basically don't be a jerk! We are adults, we all pull our weight, we work as a team. Sometimes we are very loud sometimes very quiet.

    Adults only. 36 Golds, 307+ Derby competitive hood. We have members from USA, Estonia, Sweden, Taiwan, Norway, UK, India, Vietnam, Venezula, Canada, and Australia. 9 men in our group (is that a good thing???)

    Not into all the silly rules! We are adults, we all pull our weight, we work as a team.

    Must tolerate or enjoy uncensored humor. If you are a NON-TALKER, this is not the hood for you. Current levels are 41-163, everyone is elder upon entry. Tons of LEMS for those still expanding land or fishing spots, as most of us are finished.

    We do not reserve tasks, first come first served. There is always someone that is able to fill your boat or truck orders. Or just to laugh at you. I mean, with you. To laugh with you.

    We are a good fit for you if you enjoy:
    Hood winning and helping, and selling me bacon.
    An active town, with plenty of jerks needing a ride.
    Really deep serious conversations with highly intelligent people.

    We are NOT for you if:
    If you believed the bit about deep conversations.
    You think everyone should be totally self sufficient.
    You prefer a small, quiet hood. No room here for wall flowers.
    You have no sense of humor or you are anti-social.

    We definitely are not for everyone .

    We love town too Best of luck finding your perfect hood.
    [B][SIZE=2]Miss @ Miss Behaving *Search on Behaving* Tag #.
    could I join

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    May I join? My in game name is Ice and I'm very active. I'm level 50.

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    Would love t9 join, sent u a pm.

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