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Thread: Miss Behaving

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    Hands down the best hood in the game. No doubt about that.
    Clash of Clans:
    IGN -
    FlamyGregy, LvL - 133, TH LvL - 9, Clan LvL - 11; DoubleDutchClan is Recruiting! #9RUYY9UR
    GG - 320M, EE - 290M, HH - 530K, FIN - 155K, BK - Lvl 20, AQ - Lvl 20,
    Walls - 120 Legos; 130 Lavas, War Hero - 1131,Trophy Record - 3203

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    There's no place like home...there's no place like home ❤️️❤️️❤️️

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    I've got your red shoes, click click.
    Hood: Miss Behaving Tag#88vpc8rq

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    Quote Originally Posted by MissBehaving View Post
    Wednesday Bump
    Hi. I'm interested. Level 149 daily player. Are you guys still accepting new members?

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    Hello miss behaving, it's the wolf I've heard your the best hood out there
    Kik: wolfie2204
    Facebook: Leslie VanDruff
    I'm totally awesome!!!
    I'm a filthy animal
    I enjoy being laughed at

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    would I would love to join. I am a derby l❤va looking to help n grow. #22yplp99j. Lvl 45

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    Monday Monday, can't trust that day
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    Hello still looking for farmers to join your simple question what are the task rules is there a point requirement.

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    How do I get in on this? The not PC is extremely appealing. I'm level 37, only been playing for a few weeks. Very active and currently doing all 7 tasks at over 310 in my neighborhood. No one else has done more than 5 tasks. I just need a more active neighnorhood. Would love to join!

    My farms tag is #8rvg2jjj and my farm is Mike's Farm. I'm more than willing to come in after the derby ends!

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    Hi , I m looking for a new home, but need to talk before I join

    contact me on kik please

    Level 104 ,Town 34
    Achievement 130/132
    Farm ID- RJGL29CJ
    kik: lajja14

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