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    How to create

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    How can i draw a pic

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    Do you guys accept stick figure drawings hahaha

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    About the new troop how I can send u the picture of my new troop

    Quote Originally Posted by LachNessMeownster View Post
    Ahoy Chief!

    It's time for another Clash of Clans contest!

    This time - we want you design a new troop for the game! Artwork, statistics and concept is totally up to you. Whether you want to take a humorous approach, or go the serious route, the choice is yours.

    Rules & Details

    1. Your troop must contain artwork.
    2. Your troop must be original, not copied from somewhere.
    3. Entries close on Monday the 21st of November. Moderators and Staff will pick our favourites to be polled VIA facebook the following Monday. The troop with the most amount of likes wins!
    4. Post your entry in this thread. 1 entry per person.
    5. There will indeed be gem rewards for the winners! 1st place: 3000 gems. 2nd place: 2000 gems. 3rd place: 1000 gems.

    Below is a blank troop info screen to help you get started:
    // I m new user I don't know if i do wrong so if I do bad just don't band my account I just wonna know how can I send u the new troop picture
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    designed by me : Madesh
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    desgined by me ";; madesh
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    How do i enter because i have a great one that would be really useful but it takes up a lot of army camp space

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    Can i please just type what the troop is because i dont know how to enter or create the art

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    Even I don't know that!
    Hi, What's the program used to create and edit troops to make it look CoC so i can do my artwork and send it in?


    Atillea (Water Themed Dark Barracks Troop)

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    photo shop

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