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    Create a Clash of Clans Troop! [Fan Art Contest]

    Ahoy Chief!

    It's time for another Clash of Clans contest!

    This time - we want you design a new troop for the game! Artwork, statistics and concept is totally up to you. Whether you want to take a humorous approach, or go the serious route, the choice is yours.

    Rules & Details

    1. Your troop must contain artwork.
    2. Your troop must be original, not copied from somewhere.
    3. Entries close on Monday the 21st of November. Moderators and Staff will pick our favourites to be polled VIA facebook the following Monday. The troop with the most amount of likes wins!
    4. Post your entry in this thread. 1 entry per person.
    5. There will indeed be gem rewards for the winners! 1st place: 3000 gems. 2nd place: 2000 gems. 3rd place: 1000 gems.
    6. By entering the competition, the participant accepts that his or her submissions may be used for any effect and purpose determined by Supercell Oy and its partners.
    7. We reserve the right to change these rules or disqualify any contestant for inappropriate conduct as we deem suitable, as well as cancel the competition without any previous warning.

    Dabolus has created another awesome program to help create troops!
    Click this link to use it!
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