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Thread: Town Hall 9 - Anti Two Star - Anti Valk/GoWiPe

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    Town Hall 9 - Anti Two Star - Anti Valk/GoWiPe

    Hey, lately I have been getting attacked by valks lately and at my level (97) people only use valks and gowipe. It always two stars so I decided to try to have an attempt of preventing two stars against valks and gowipe. I am a terrible base builder but everything online was also terrible so I took my chances and made:

    Anti Valk
    I built it with a lot of outer buildings so by the time all the defenses are cleared the golem has taken a lot of damage. Also it increases possibility of valks going outside the base guaranteeing a 0 or 1 star. Many compartments so valks have to destroy more stuff to get to town hall. Also none of the buildings are touching so valks can't take out two buildings at once. I kind of have a defense ring where the golem will go outside the base and valks get shot down easily without help of golem (this feature isn't very strong in the base but still worth noticing). Even if the valks get in the core the traps, wizard tower, DBG, will eventually overpower the valks and heal.
    Anti GoWiPe
    Similar to the valk defense it makes a lot of compartments to prevent the pekka from getting too far so just read above.
    Anti Air
    At level 97 no one uses strategies PentaLaLoon and stuff like that but I have the air traps and air defense in the center.
    Anti Hog
    The hogs will path around the base for one or two compartments and then by the time they go towards the center the core will have already wore down the hogs.
    Anti Giant
    Same as the hogs the giants will go around the base for a bit until they are shot down trying to break down a wall.
    Anti Quake/Jump
    No T-Junctions near the core allow for no ideal place for four quakes or jumps to be placed. You can place a jump to get over the first layer of walls but I don't really think that is useful. For the earthquakes there is also nowhere I would think to use them except the Xbow and the Golden Cannon (I forgot the level) near the top right which does open up a path to the core but can be done with wallbreakers. (working on a better protection for in case the four earthquake by the top right near the xbow and gold cannon is dangerous.
    Anti Queen Walk
    If they begin a queen walk from the left or right they will be shot down by the air defense. If they start at the top there are many buildings that would path her away from the center and the archer tower could do some damage on the healers. At the bottom there isn't much air coverage but there are so many buildings that she would likely be pathed away from where she wants to go. (better protection for this is coming soon and not just the 50/50 she goes the wrong way)
    Would anyone have any changes as I am not the best builder? Thanks for reading.
    Please ignore the low defenses and walls...

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    Attacking ur village
    a quake on the th would open up a huge area of the base.

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    I can 2 star this with a th8. Also the healers in QW are out of AD range unless the queen can't target it over the wall so she'll slide past it, that doesn't happen in your base.
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    I cant say this is an anti 2 because from anywhere you look at it. The pathing is straightforward to the TH both for defense and "any" targeting troops

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    Well the th doesn't look like protected, i can 3* this base with my own strategy called hegiva. 20giants lvl 6,, 12 valk lvl 4,, 2 maxed healers,, 5 wiz, 4 heal spell maxed, 1 haste and poison. and this base is done.

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    clan castle is too easy to lure

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