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Thread: An easy one...

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    Oh dear!

    Quote Originally Posted by BOROYOB View Post
    I gave you all a clue in the OP, (and a hint...) and you all still missed it...!!! - "Just put the letters of your first name in the squares below... You all put your names into rectangles...!!! Told you it was easy... You can all edit/delete your posts now, and hopefully start calling me all sorts of names...!!! lol. Most people easily overlook the obvious...

    I do logic puzzles every day and TOTALLY missed this one. How annoying. I over thought it big time! LOL Thanks John for a good chuckle.

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    A M B E R

    Gotta add more letters :P!!!

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    I can tell you, but, then I'd have to kill you

    C O L I N

    Is awesome
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