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    Exclamation Main Forum Rules < READ!

    Forum Rules:

    These are the Main Forum Rules. More specific, detailed rules are described within Stickies, Staff posts, Moderator posts, and warnings/infractions that may be received.

    Please note that we update these rules when needed, and though you may not have agreed to the updated rules when signing up to the forums, you are agreeing to to all updated or added rules.

    We encourage open and friendly discussion of Supercell games and Community. Moderators and Staff have final decisions on all matters, and are here to make sure that the Supercell Community remains a friendly, fun place appropriate for players of all backgrounds, ages and groups. We reserve the right to modify or amend these rules at any time, and enforce them as we see fit. It is the forum member's responsibility to stay up to date on forum rules. Users who violate forum rules will be banned and offending content will be removed at any time, without warning. The length of the ban will be based on the severity and/or frequency of the violation. Users banned from the forums are still entitled to support from our Player Support team.

    Here are a set of rules for the forums. All members should read these before they begin posting:

    1. We will not tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks, harassment, name & shame, or purposeless inflammatory posts. Moderator and Staff decisions are final in these matters. Any abuse towards our Staff, Moderators and/or admins in any form will not be tolerated.
    2. We will not tolerate inappropriate, sexual, vulgar, discriminatory or offensive language of any sort, this includes simulated, insinuated and abbreviated swearing. This is a family friendly forum. Moderators and admins have a final say in what is and isn't inappropriate.
    3. Multiple or repeated posting in order to increase your post count is not allowed. Also, please refrain from posting spam, like nonsense.
    4. Multiple or repeated posting of the same thread or topic is not allowed, as is repeated "bumping" of a thread. If a thread or reply has been trashed, or closed, you should not post the same thread again.
    5. Do not attempt to claim to represent or speak on behalf of Supercell if you are not a Moderator or Supercell employee. Do not deliberately and/or maliciously spread false information about Supercell games, moderators or employees.
    6. Discussion or promotion of products, free gem, or third party gem sites, competitors' games, illegal activities, emulators, music/intellectual property piracy is strictly prohibited. This includes any discussions on how to run any Supercell games outside officially supported platforms.
    7. Discussing the abuse or exploitation of service platform, payment, refund, rating or similar systems is strictly prohibited.
    8. Users are permitted only one forum account. Creating multiple accounts will result in a permanent ban of all accounts.
    9. These forums are English only. You may create Groups for your clan/group where you are more than welcome to use any language. The same rules apply to groups that apply to the forums!
    10. Do not advertise, promote or link to user-run contests related to Supercell Games without prior written consent from Supercell.
    11. You may not use animated GIFs in posts, as your avatar or in your signature.
    12. We do not remove posts or accounts on request.
    13. Only report posts that you are sure violate forum rules or contain questionable content. Do not spam or overuse the report tool (what constitutes spam/overuse is up to interpretation of Moderators/Supercell employees) as this distracts from the productivity of our Moderators and employees and can result in a ban.
    14. We do not monitor private messages, but we do investigate all allegations of PM abuse. Forum rules apply to private messages as well.
    15. Always read stickies before posting. Always post in the proper sub forums. Not doing so can result in your post being trashed, moved or closed.
    16. If you are banned from the game temporarily, you still have a right to have a forum account. If you are permanently banned from the game, you will also be permanently banned from the forums.
    17. Staff members and moderators may ban forum members without prior notice if they detect toxic behaviour.
    18. You are responsible for abiding by Moderator and Staff warnings and infractions against you, within a thread or made via PM. Ignoring warnings and/or infractions given to yourself or other forum members can result in further infractions or a ban of your forum account. Remember, all mod and staff decisions are final.
    19. You may not discuss publicly any (disciplinary) actions taken by staff, moderators or support such as banning, closing forum threads, deleting forum posts / threads etc. This also includes posting publicly any private messages / emails you have received from either staff, moderators or support.

    NOTE - These are only the main Rules. Other Rules and policies are here:

    Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the Privacy Policy, Terms of Service (TOS), Parent's Guide, Fraud Issues and Fan Content Policy of Supercell:

    Thank you for taking the time to read!

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    Talking Be Nice, Don't Be a Toxic Rudey Pants!

    Hi all,

    We added a new Forum Rule the other day, which I think everyone should be aware of:
    Quote Originally Posted by Nick[Supercell] View Post
    17. Staff members and moderators may ban forum members without prior notice if they detect toxic behaviour.
    Toxic behaviour can rear its ugly head in many ways, but here are a few things that we would consider to be toxic:

    - Insulting other people or their views
    - Intentionally derailing a thread with off-topic or negative comments
    - Being a jerk, repeatedly (we're all human and have our bad days, but if every day is a bad day, we might have a problem!)

    First of all, let me be super clear: This is not a rule to prevent complaints, concerns, opposing or negative views. The intention of this rule is to try and make our forums a nicer place for everyone.

    In my opinion, it is entirely possible to have a meaningful discussion, full of opposing opinions, without ever having to be nasty to one another.

    So please, by all means, keep bringing up your concerns about our games or the pain points you're hitting - this is a big part of why the forums exist and also why we value them so highly - the other part being to collect and foster an awesome community of like-minded gamers!


    TL;DR - Don't be a jerk and we'll get along just fine!

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    Help Keep The Forum Clean [How To Report A Thread]

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