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    I forgot...

    Lost Connection Issues

    Anyone having them?


    What is the issue?

    You lose connection (orange WiFi bars followed by the lost connection prompt) only when you deploy your troops. In other words you lose connection only while attacking other than that the connection stays stable while chatting, scouting, donating troops and doing in village activities etc. This issue began after the Halloween removal update, and players with iOS 9.35 devices and some Android users are worst hit by it.

    EDIT - Ownership of the thread changed.

    UPDATE - SuperCell has replied and is looking into this problem (here, here, (mod here), acknowledgement of bug here).

    UPDATE iOS users: Here is a workaround : link that can help you overcome this type of loss of connection during a raid.
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    Our overseas guys have been having quite a bit.

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    I was today with 5160 trophies and dropped to 5100 cause 2 connections lost, some friends having the same issue, just start the attack and bye bye connection, I hate being waiting 20 minutes with luck for one village and then lost my troops and resources... Thank you SC.

    The problems appears since the last update (deleting Halloween event).

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    I'm using home wifi. I don't have lost connection problem on my android tablet, but I'm having lost connection problem on my iPad.

    The lost connection happens only after dropping the troops. It never happens when I'm nexting. I can next for 5-10 minutes without problem.
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    16 attacks, 16 lost connections. Once I was scouting before attacking and the symbol came up. I hit next and it went away. Only came back as soon as I dropped troops on a different base.

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    I'm also facing the same problem, it's hardly 5 mins and the connection gets lost I'm facing issues after the latest update

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    having the same issue of connection lost since last update of holloween. it is happening to me during clan wars attacks which is really irritating please super cell do something to it. lost connection in 2 wars back to back this cant be network issue this is really a bug which u need to fix. please do asap guys this is ruining our wars

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    Keep on doing 0% attacks in the war due to it. SC support thinks my connection is bad even after explaining to them this is the only online game I'm having issues with. Clearly there is a problem at SC's end as so many users are suffering due to it. Halloween update apparently broke so many things, and IMHO it's sloppy work from SC.
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    Can this issue be kindly fixed? Experiencing this since 3 days. We are now more afraid of it in war than defenseless Th11 engineers with max troops.

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    I cant even load the game for last 2 days...exactly saying after deleting the Halloween Theme I cannot load my in Middle east (UAE) cousin have same problem in his tab..but my frnds from india dont have any problem...

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