Clash of Clans is an evolving online game. Since we continue to develop the game to give you new features and content, every new update means writing a lot of new code which unavoidably results in new bugs. We test each update to make it as bug-free as possible, but sometimes accidents happen and some bugs slip into the game.

Sometimes players abuse these glitches for their own benefit. Fortunately Clash of Clans has had very few incidents where we've been forced to take punitive measures against players who abuse game glitches. However, just recently we had to take away trophies from a player who reached the top of the leaderboards by abusing two separate glitches to gain trophies.

Please do the right thing and send our support a message if you discover a bug or a glitch. You can do it from the Settings menu -> Help and Support -> Report an issue. Posting information about glitches with potential for abuse on forums, Facebook or anywhere else is forbidden and can result in a permanent ban from the forums and the game.