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    Cool Hay Day Update - Meet the Helpers!

    STATUS: Seems like Hay Day's update for iOS is finally rolling out to all iOS players! Check the App Store for the update!

    YEHAW! The new update for Hay Day is here, introducing the new Helpers! Meet Rose & Ernest who will help you out with your daily chores! At the end of this post, there's a new tutorial video which explains how they work in more detail!

    Here's what's new this time around:
    Our new aMOOzing Hay Day update is here, introducing: The Hay Day helpers! Here’s a list of what’s new:

    • Welcome your new neighbors Rose and Ernest!
    • They help out with the farm, while you play and when you're away!
    • Rose feeds your animals, and collects their products when ready.
    • Ernest keeps the dairy and sugar maker running.
    • Rose and Ernest have their own space for storing collected products.

    Additional features:
    • We’ve added new, exclusive decorations to the derby reward pool.
    • Reverted the super sensitive edit mode back to the old less sensitive mode.
    • The new Lumberjack offer cuts multiple dead trees and bushes for a discounted diamond price!
    • Been playing Hay Day for 2 years or more? Alfred has a gift for you!
    • Added the Panda statue and the White, Brown and Bright Paths to the shop!
    • Added language support for Malay.
    Obvisouly also a bagful of bugfixes which you guys have reported!

    Note that the new update is rolling out around the globe gradually, so please be patient if it is not available in your country yet!

    While we're updating our servers, check out this tutorial video on how the new Helpers work:

    We also have some support articles which you may want to check out:


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    Im hoping that im playing 2 years now! Cuz im not sure 😉 Excited for the update! Sad that the new helpers will cost diamonds cuz im out now but the design of the house is beautiful! ♡♡♡

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    Nick so we have to upgrade the living place of rose and ernest for them to save more diaries n sugars or it has unlimited amt of space??

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    I'm So Excited! 😁

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    Shame seems good but hayday getting greedy, we have to buy diamonds to use them! I will go on as usual. I spend enough on the game as it is, if game keeps this up il be looking for another game to play.

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    So Sad that they need Daimonds...

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    Diamonds? ---UGH!!!!! Why not coins?!?!

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    Por que no en espaņol y con monedas?

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    Happy for this feature.Thanks Supercell
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    Update still not available.
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