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    New Balance Live! (11/1)

    The way we approach card balance in Clash Royale is a combination of playtesting and looking at the stats - in particular, card use rates and win rates. You can expect monthly balance changes to keep gameplay fine tuned and as fun as possible.

    In this round of balance changes we're taking a look at the Ice Spirit, Ice Golem, Rage and Inferno Tower.

    Ice Spirit: Freeze duration decreased to 1.5sec (from 2sec)
    - Currently highly used at the top, Ice Spirit offers a bit too much stopping power for 1 Elixir.

    Ice Golem: Death Damage increased by 74%
    - This change ensures that Ice Golem's Death Damage kills Skeletons (at the Tournament Rules card levels).

    Rage: Effect increased to 35% (from 30%)
    - Rage can be a really fun and impactful spell when it makes an appearance in the Arena, but currently it isn't seeing much usage. Increasing the effect should make it a more compelling choice.

    Lumberjack: Rage effect increased to 35% (from 30%)
    - For consistency with the Rage spell changes above.

    Inferno Tower: Hitpoints decreased by 6%
    - Inferno Tower is currently one of the top defensive choices and as a result the "big guys" (Golem, etc.) become less appealing to use. Additionally, it can sometimes be hard to efficiently remove from the Arena, so we're aiming to remedy both of these things with a small Hitpoint reduction.

    Please leave your thoughts and feedback below!

    See you in the Arena,
    The Clash Royale Team

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    New card LEAKED on official Clash Royale Website!
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    Very few changes, I guess that's a good thing. Too soon for a poison rebuff.

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    Awesome on Ice golem. The rest is meh.

    New cards???

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    I can absolutely understand all those changes. This will lead to more card diversity, awesome!
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    I like these, nothing over the top.

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    Wow these changes look promising Tim. Look to be a step in the right direction. Are you aware of the issue I raised about the ice spirit's freeze actually. lasting a lot longer than 2 seconds? I have seen it last up to 4.

    My request to talk still stands. I look forward to having the opportunity to do so as soon as you can make time.
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    I was hoping for a zap nerf or sparky buff.. thanks anyway

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    Still no changes to Hogrider Hitpoints or attack speed. Same for Valkyrie hitpoints too. Giant still does way to much damage. Poison spell is so bad now.

    Good one

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    Seems good!

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