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Thread: Looking for New Members BELOW Experience Level 48

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    Great. I'm in now. I'm literally less than a week playing so I'm going to have a lot of dumb questions for y'all. Ex: Right now, all I do is grow crops and sell them. I'm sure there's much more to do but in the meantime, it's grow-sell-repeat.

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    Is it adults only?

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    i have joined your NH. Thanks a lot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alpha1243 View Post
    We're a stable, long-standing neighborhood that has a lot to free coins!

    We are active, chatty, lots of trading, and plenty of tips and tricks on how best to succeed at Hay Day. We'll show you proven strategies for your Farm, Fishing, and Town areas as well as solid derby strategies with the help of our Neighborhood Website and Facebook Group. No requirement to participate in the derby, but if you do, we ask you to complete 300+ point tasks. We also award up to 98,800 Derby Bonus Coins to our top derby contributors. We've given away over 6,100,000 coins to date.

    YOU: We're looking for active, English speaking players from any time zone.

    US: We have 27 adult members, are in the Champions League, and have plenty of daily players. Lots of tool trading and assistance for new members too.

    Come grow your farm with us! Players between experience levels 18 to 48 welcome.

    Attachment 205625
    Attachment 203436
    Our name: The Playbook (#82980LGR)
    Our symbol: Yellow horse on red background
    Our leader: The Professor (experience 151, reputation 54)
    Our league: Champions (9 horseshoes)
    Members: 27
    hi, i'm Nurul and my farm tag #9jojrqouj. I just start playing hay day for about 5 months, very active, love doing derby and always doing 300+ point task. currently at lvl 46.. I would love to join you neighborhood and learn something new about hay day and derby..

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    Ok, we have an opening right now. Join us. :-)

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    can I join after this week derby event ended?

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    If there's room. It really doesn't matter when you join. The neighborhood is closed to new members on Mondays.
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    Im not an adult, but im level 26 & I'd like to join )

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrabjousFarms View Post
    Im not an adult, but im level 26 & I'd like to join )
    As long as you act mature, you'll be fine. Come on over. There's a spot opened now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alpha1243 View Post
    We have a few open spots to join our neighborhood. We've given away over 6.3 million coins to our top derby
    contributors. Why not earn extra coins and learn the tips and tricks of Hay Day to improve your game today?
    Me and my friend would like to join.
    Level 26 & 29.
    Big derby contributors.
    Active and friendly.
    Mature and helpful.
    If you could give me any method to contact you because the clan is invite only, that’d be great.
    Thank you.

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