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Thread: Looking for New Members BELOW Experience Level 48

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    I am level 51, I have currently completed 6 derby tasks and 1351 points, I will complete the 7th today and will do the extra diamond task. I am super active and I would love a neighborhood that chats, trades and is active with me. ☺️ I can send screenshots of my progress. Thanks!!

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    Francine - We're a teaching neighborhood, so like to cap the experience level of our new players to 45 as older players tend to be set in their ways. You've probably been playing for a year or so as you're at level 51, so should already know all the tricks of playing Hay Day efficiently. The younger players are the ones that can really benefit from learning what to focus on and what to avoid as they make their way up from level 18 through 45. I don't think we'd have much to offer you, and vice versa. Thanks for inquiring and good luck.
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    Hi Iím level 36. May I join after the current derby? I usually take tasks above 300, but if 320 is available, I will take them. Itís slight difficult in my current neighborhood as no one else trashes tasks.

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    Hi Twinkl3Lum0s. Absolutely. We don't accept new members on Mondays, but any other day of the week is perfect. We have plenty of active members who are able to keep the derby task board clean of all tasks below 300 points. There's always someone around to trade with, and you'll usually see the 99+ on the chat tab if you haven't been online in a bit. We also keep the neighborhood well patrolled, so no snipers or cheats get in and inactive players are kicked weekly as needed. See you then!
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    One Simple Rule

    Our rule is pretty simple:

    Stay active, participate, ask for help and help others, play fairly, and follow our strategies.

    We ask that each new member abide by it. The Leader, Co-Leaders, and Elders get together each Monday to discuss who is not following this rule, and kick players to make room for new ones. This prevents the neighborhood from getting stale. All new members are asked to opt out of the first derby until they demonstrate that they are active enough to complete all 9 tasks. This prevents us from dropping out of the Champions League.

    (Ah, I see that this complaint was from a year ago and was responded to immediately.)
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    I would like to join your group. I am level 14 but I have only played 2 days. I will work hard to catch up with you folks.

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    Hi, I'm a lvl 23 player and just started in my first derby so its all still a bit new to me. I'm a mature friendly player who won't cause any drama and is happy to help my fellow players. If you have space for me please let me know.

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    coconut2 - Yes, we have room for you. Come on over!

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    I'm a new player. Clash of Clans convert (Still very active in CoC though and wanted to try something different). I'm currently level 11 and could use some friends to chat / hang / learn with.

    I'm mostly active in the evenings (I'm in the USA, East Coast) so I'm online sporadically throughout the day, and pretty active after 7 or 8 PM. Let me know if you have room and I'd love to join y'all.

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    Freddy - Absolutely. A few spots are open right now, so come on over. We're always looking for new players.

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