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Thread: Looking for New Members BELOW Experience Level 48

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cfoster09 View Post
    How do I join?
    Use your neighborhood search feature and enter our tag (#82980LGR). Everything is posted in the first post in this thread.

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    Lvl 31, #Y2VC2VLCJ

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwatts361 View Post
    Lvl 31, #Y2VC2VLCJ
    jwatts361 - We're closed to new members on Mondays. You're welcome to join us on Tuesday using our neighborhood tag.

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    So need to miss derby?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwatts361 View Post
    So need to miss derby?
    Yes. All new members sit out their first derby. This allows the Co-Leaders and Elders to determine if that player is active enough to complete all derby tasks as well as allows the new member to determine if they are a good fit for our neighborhood. Having unprepared new members immediately jump into a derby can jeopardize the neighborhood's success and potentially drop us down into a lower league. Everyone benefits from a well patrolled neighborhood. Besides, Hay Day is a game of patience, and if new members can't be patient enough to sit out their first derby, then they're probably not going to be good members.

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    Over 12,100,000 Coins Awarded to Our Top Derby Players

    We've got spots for 4 new members to join. Levels 25-35 get first priority.
    Please mention that you heard about us in the Forums!

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