Boosted Brews & Bones! It's that spooky time of year!

For a limited time:

  • Boost Spell brewing for 1 GEM
  • Cheaper & faster training for Skeleton Spells, Witches, Balloons & Wall Breakers

Beware: chilling surprises are known to appear during this very spooky time of year...

Fixes in the new Halloween Update, version 8.551.18

  • Fixed a bug related to the army training drag&drop feature. NOTE: OLD app version will have the dragging in training disabled, players need to update to the new version for the training to work again!
  • Improvement: long press on the Clan Castle troop icon during battle will display the troop contents
  • Change in Train Troops and Brew Spells upper left UI: changed total troops and total spells training capacity counters to not display over-capacity anymore; previously they would display 0/480 and 0/22 at max level, now they will display as 0/240 and 0/11 (over queueing still works as it used to!)
  • Clans can now receive Friendly War invites even when the clan is set to "Closed"
  • Fixed issue with starting 5v5 Friendly Wars when the Clan has less than 10 members ("not enough eligible members" error)
  • Fixed issue when the Clan was unable to receive a new Friendly War invite when the old invite has been pushed off the clan chat and gets stuck
  • Elders won't see anymore the Accept/Reject button for a Friendly War invite in the Clan chat (previously they could see the buttons and tap on them, but those actions would fail as only Leader/Co-Leader can do those actions)
  • Fixed showing the text "<percentage> War win bonus" under a player name in the upper left UI, when scouting enemy villages during Battle Day in Clan War
  • Prices for buildings in the Shop are once again shown in red color when not enough resources are available for a purchase (used to be shown in white color all the time)
  • Fixed issue with reloading Facebook pictures for friends, whenever tapping the Friends/Friend Requests tabs
  • Fixed missing "1d" text for the single Collector boost icon + fixed "1h" boost text appearing on the collector boost button when selecting a barracks/spell factory before selecting the collector

Happy Halloween, Chief!