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Thread: Clash of Clans Halloween 2016 Update News

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    Exclamation Clash of Clans Halloween 2016 Update News

    Hey , today is october 17th and just 13 days left for Halloween update.
    what is going on on Halloween?! maybe more things that did not come for october update like new clan perks!!

    New clash of clans Halloween theme?! nobody knows!! supercell please tell something!!

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    Usually comes out the 22nd of the month...
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    are we gonna get the golden hour after halloween update

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    Well we don't know whats gonna come now.... You can't just predict like that....

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    this is too quick for an update to be released, we just had one a few days ago...

    I need a super donation clan!ASAP!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClashLord14 View Post
    this is too quick for an update to be released, we just had one a few days ago...
    Probably it will not be an update. More likely an optional download for those who want the Halloween theme.....

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    Hm we like new theme

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    Posting a thread on it will not make it come faster. Be patient

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    I found a News that the Halloween update will Bring a new update with it also 'Shipwreck', Level 9 Air Defence , Level 7 Air Sweeper See on YouTube here
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    1 gem boost for sure and something ships are coming which will give loots by time this Halloween update i saw in some videos !

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