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    Exclamation Forum Issues (12.10.2016)

    Hey All!

    We are aware that there are some random issues on the forums which started after our previous maintenance (on the forums). It's a very tricky issue to locate and fix, but the team is working on it. Reported and reproduced issues so far:

    - PM's sometimes do not get sent and you may end up on an error page
    - Threads & replies don't get posted and you end up on an error page
    - Replying to a post doesn't work as intended
    - # of pages in a thread may show e.g. 5 while there's actually 6 or more
    - Searching may end up in an SQL error page
    - Forums may seem unreachable from time to time

    The above mentioned problems are most probably due to a single issue/bug, but we are not completely sure yet.

    If you know of any other issues/errors/bugs, please let us know. We are very sorry for the inconvenience!


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    Whenever write a new thread, sometimes there is no option for polls.

    (And the last one also happens to me.)

    Hope these problems will be fixed.

    P.s. first

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    Thanks for fixing! We want notification mod for the forums. Would be nice

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    Marika changed my location again !!!
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    Don't know...Marika blindfolded and kidnapped me!!!!!! :)
    I don't know if it's related to the bug but sometimes im unable to reply with quote. I usually refresh acouple times then it works.

    P.S. i hope you are enjoying your day.
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    Marika changed my location again !!!
    and can we have the notification system when someone quote our post/comment? that'd be nice thanks

    (sorry for another post, i couldn't edit last one)
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    I've recieved the same errors.

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    it says post in 60 sec but when you refresh it goes to 69?

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    It's not just new replies, I get the error message even while editing my replies.

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    when I couldn't load the forum I also could not load the game. Tried on two separate devices. (other games and websites worked)
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