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    Why the secrecy?!?

    I've never understood this. Why does supercell base most of their PR on ambiguity? Update is coming soon, hang tight, around the corner blah blah blah. Ya I know it's coming when it's coming, but honestly guys just tell your millions of fans why it's not released're still working on some kinks, Apple hasn't released it yet etc. Your lack to keep us in the loop simply creates animosity not positive suspense for your game. It's kinda dumb in my mind and something Anoushka or Marika I thought would have learned by now.

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    It's part of the egocentric decision, sadly naive fanboys who have no single idea, roughly supporting everything of their mistakes.

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    Another Juan.

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    When you set hard dates, you set hard expectations. If the forum is this upset when they only give a general schedule, imagine how upset it would get if they gave a hard date and missed it?

    The update is coming soon, hang in there!

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