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    October 2016 Update (coming soon!)

    The October update is here with a new defense, a revamp to army training, loads of new content and much more!

    New Content & Balancing:

    • Introducing the Bomb Tower at Town Hall 8!
    • New troop levels: Dragon, Baby Dragon, Wizard
    • New defense Levels: X-Bow, Mortar, Hidden Tesla
    • 25 more wall pieces to Town Hall 11
    • Lots of upgrade costs and times reduced
    • Rebalancing, including Witch and Skeleton Spell buffs
    • Clan Wars loot and Clan XP rules revisited
    • Continued balancing changes to Clan Wars matchmaking

    Read the in-depth Balancing & Update News article for all the details!

    Army Training Revamp & Quick Train:

    We've rethought army training into a streamlined experience that lets you train two full armies with two simple taps!
    Watch a video highlighting the changes and get the full rundown here.

    Friendly Wars:

    Challenge other Clans to friendly Clan War face-offs. Friendly wars can be as short as one hour and as small as 5v5!
    Interested? Watch a walkthrough video and get more information here.

    Clash Friends & Friendly Challenge Updates:

    • Clash Friends: Add friends in Clash via player profiles
    • Search Players by player tag (check the player profile menu)
    • Moving decorations no longer puts a layout on Friendly Challenge cooldown
    • Heroes now defend in Friendly Challenge attacks even when under upgrade

    Forum discussion threads can be found in the links below:
    October 2016 Balancing & Update News
    Army Training Revamp & Quick Train
    New Defense: the Bomb Tower!
    Introducing Friendly Wars!

    Have a blast with the new update (coming sometime next week)!

    The Clash of Clans Team

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    I might come back to this game

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    Cool stuff i like the new clash friend system
    I can now keep my family close ...

    I hope next update sc solve or improve old system of :
    - Single player !! This is a whole new world alot of ideas and features .
    - global chat
    - new clan ranking other than leader . Co . Elder ..
    - visual effects and camera
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    Yay cant wait

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    • Continued balancing changes to Clan Wars matchmaking"

    Tantalisingly vague!!

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    Can't wait, is that's it for this update or here will be more news?

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    So the update today or monday?
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    More stuff to upgrade...

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    Update next week?

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