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    Hi I'm eagerly awaiting for the fall halloween theme to arrive.

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    Just back read all of this, great idea team Hay Day to have Greg stop by.

    Would like to see something like this again. Hopefully be on for it live next time too.
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    Hay Day World farmers Cup #HDWFC

    Hello Greg,

    what's you opinion about a TV reality Hay Day (farmers) world cup? I dream to see my farm, community and Nation at large witness such in Africa. This would help unite the world through farming, through Agriculture
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg[HayDay] View Post
    Hi Abitofstyle!

    Hi Gazzanga!

    I know where he is actually, but I swore not to tell. He is doing fine, and maybe some day you will hear more from him. On a related note, there's actually a picture of him in the game. Can you find

    I think I found it...but I don't know how to upload a picture to this forum...
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    Hi Nick,

    Is a calendar of upcoming events available?

    We just finished the "Boat World Challenge"

    What's next and when?

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    Hey Greg,

    I was wondering why I saw someone on a higher level then you.Arent you the well hay day boss?How can someone be on level 101 when your only on level 100?

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    Why don't you ever feed your animals? ~morgan

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    When is the gift to appear in fishing area?

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    Hi Greg, why do not you go over level 100?

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    Hey Greg, what time is it?
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