Update: We are finally back online. Took us longer than expected. If you stumble across anything that might seem broken, please let us know!

Hey Peeps!

We'll do a maintenance on the forums tomorrow, Wednesday 5th of October at 6AM UTC. The maintenance should not last more that 1-2 hours. During that time the forums will be inaccessible.

The maintenance will not bring new visible changes/improvements to the forums, but instead a lot of under-the-hood improvements. We hope to see better performance and less hiccups after this update.

Another change will be that the forums will no longer be .net but .com instead. Obviously we will have redirects from .net to .com but you may want to change your bookmarks after the maintenance to be sure.

Let's see if we can squeeze in some other improvements as well (minor updates to the UI) but can't say for sure if that will happen tomorrow or at a later date.