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Thread: What is the best strategy in th8 except drags and how does it work

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    For me I'd say GoVaWi is the best one imo and if you want the guide then check it in the forums..there's a really good one
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    Even I don't know that!
    Or try this: 3 Pekkas, 15 Giants, 12 Wizards, with 2 Archers (GiWiPe) instead of GoWiPe... the giants get through walls faster and that mass is good enough to take out most if not all defences.

    The archers are meant for corner buildings like builders huts or use them as a clean up for buildings that were left behind while your troops are preoccupied with other buildings.

    Preferably use 2x lightning spells + 1 heal spell -- Lightning to take out splash damage buildings such as mortars and wizard towers (preferably deploy the lightning where the 2 are next to or near each other) and use the heal to heal the giants along the way

    Thats just what I use for every attack and im a Town hall 8. I 90% of the time get 100% damage. try it out and let me know if it worked out

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