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    Quote Originally Posted by Dibbs12345 View Post
    Good things come to those who wait... Would prefer they get it totally right rather than rushing
    Totally agreed

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    #AGREE with you....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rake5367 View Post
    Whwn they are 100 Million user for COC they should concentrate on COC games rather than there new Royal game Because they are busy with Royal game(Releasing Updates)....
    If they Dont have Sufficient Bandwidth they should hire Some Developers and Give us the Much Awaited Update

    They say Working in Small teams My Question is Y?

    Just now I Uninstalled My COC game because No updates
    Its Becoming Boring Each and Each Day.They also Losing Interest In game they are Taking 3 months For an update ....

    Its Time To Shift to Pokemon Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

    Once the Update comes I will come back Soooon

    Eagerly Waiting For Update
    Each SC game has its own team of developers. One does not affect the other. Looking forward to the update!

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