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    Ground vs Air Livestream

    Update Livestream! Friendly War challenge with brand new gameplay from the upcoming update! Who will win this epic 5v5 battle: the Air team or the Ground team? Tune in to find out!

    Ground vs Air livestream coming on October 9th at 3pm UTC!

    Ground vs Air Friendly War rules
    On the Ground vs Air livestream everyone will play on maxed out Town Hall 11 accounts provided by us. Both teams have 5 players and they’re allowed to use ONLY ground or air troops + Heroes and Spells. Also Clan Castle troops have to be only ground or air.

    Players in Ground and Air teams are from different areas of the Clash community: they are forumers, veteran Clashers, YouTubers and established community leaders from 7 different countries:

    Ground team
    MPWonder (Sweden)
    LachNessMeownster (Australia)
    LordOliver (Sweden)
    RageCool (Norway)
    SlimJim (Norway)

    Air team
    Tovrleaf (Finland)
    Superfinch30 (UK)
    Clash com Nery (Brazil)
    LordVal (France)
    Judo Sloth (UK)

    Let’s see what happens when this group of established Clashers gets thrown into the middle of the next update Livestream will be hosted by Chief Pat and Galadon and attack replays will be analyzed by PowerBang.

    Clash On!


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    A livestream. Pretty nice.

    I wish I was old enough.

    I do have a question, is this supposed to somehow "make up" for no ClashCon? Because this event sounds similar to last years ClashCon.
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    dang im 16 otherwise would have came

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    Third! Yep i wish i could come too, but meh i'll just watch. seems cool

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    What about golaloon? It has both air and ground, and is the most exciting attack to watch.
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    Love livestreams! Love new content! Wait...did I just see the word "update"? Chomping at the bit!

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    Post your
    - Town Hall level : 9
    - Army + Spells : ground (govaho with 2 jumps a heal and 2 freeze)
    - Trophy record : 2600
    - Conqueror Achievement : 1871
    - War Stars : 330
    - Player ID & name : LA and Michael

    woo free trip 😂💪🏻💪🏻

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    I live in the void....hail sithis
    Quote Originally Posted by Ilikeholps View Post
    How dare you smear the name of Holps

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    Very very nice!
    Leader of clan Ironclads. We are always looking for new members. We value camaraderie, teamwork, and maturity. We war once a week thanks to the Opt In/Out feature that gives players choice! Chat is kept clean and respectful. Come by and say hi!

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    This sounds awesome.
    Wait, what?!

    Will be an honour and a pleasure, thankyou deeply for letting me along for the ride.

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