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    i have 10 bolt and i need 10 duct tape

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    i have stone blocks and tar to trade for hammer 1:1. need around 30 hammer.

    kik: hojichalatte
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    my 55 panels for your 50 nails done!
    my 55 panels for your 50 screws done!

    can do partial trades

    Kik: brody867
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    I have
    70 Bolts
    48 Duct Type
    for your Planks.

    I have
    39 Nails
    for your Screws and Panels.

    I have
    31 Land Deeds
    for your Mallets.

    Please pin me if you are interested.
    I only accept 1:1 ratio.
    Come on guys.
    We are all trying to get what we need from what we have.
    Why not fair to everybody?

    Since it is 1:1 ratio.
    I don't care the dollar price.
    Can be MAX or Default.
    Your call.

    Let me know.
    Kik: dragonwings126
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    Quick trade

    Trading 6 tapes for 9 nails plus 9 screws
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    FL 154 - TL 49
    Kik: nunovskiy (with an i unlike my nick at this forum)
    Trade only through In-Game Friends tag: #G2Y89JGC
    Higher level buys first always works.
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    I have SEM for BEM.

    I am looking for any BEM. My ratio is 3:1, M:Y

    14 - nails
    10 - screws
    31 - panels

    Default price unless you are lower level and need coins.

    Kik only: susanktz
    Game ID only, if we're not already friends: QQ0RU0JY
    Kik: susanktz
    Hay Day: level 175
    Game ID: Qq0ru0jy
    EST Time Zone (GMT -5)

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    I have the following items to trade with any BEM

    40 Fish Fillet (4:1) - Traded
    40 TNT (3:1) - Traded
    30 Shovel (3:1) - Traded

    Farm ID trade
    Ratio mine:yours
    Default price trade
    Lower level sells first
    Partial trades welcome

    Kik: xaimaster
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    Can someone please tell me how to communicate?
    It seems that every one posts but none replies.

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    Have 40 panels, need 40 nails
    Have 10 panels, need 10 screws

    Partial Trades welcome
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    Kik - scorpion010101

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    Have BEMs and SEMs to trade with your LEMs


    11 Bolts
    7 Tapes
    6 Planks


    14 Screws
    12 nails
    4 Wood Panel

    I need LEMS
    I need coins, would appreciate if you can sell at 1 coin
    Small trade acceptable

    KIK: mizzlyana
    Farm ID: #8RJ8CRP2U
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