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Thread: Which version of COC you would have play, if you have the choice??

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    Quote Originally Posted by droidnafiz View Post
    If you have the choice to play any previous versions of COC over these years, which would be comfortable to you? example: th sniping, resource zap, no th11 etc.
    Definatly the current version.

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    Any version works for me as long as im having fun.

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    Previous version. No doubt about it.

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    Current meta, etc. but Pre-Dec. TH sniping?
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    Quote Originally Posted by d3thfr0m4b0v3 View Post
    Haha yourself. You think you know. SC knew.. They had data.

    Since typical loot is better since, i cant disagree.

    Yes, you get a shield and can hit through it. Every shield costs you a proper d tho.

    If it didnt hurt, you wouldnt be here. You feel me brah?
    You shouldn't smoke fatties and try to communicate. Whatever you were trying to say got lost in the smoke.

    I don't hit through a shield. See previous post. My base is available LESS than pre-December because it is more profitable that way.

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    I've played every version of CoC and I have to say that the current version is by far my fave ever.

    This is not to say that I don't have issues with more than one aspect of the game, but as of right now I can not think of a time that comes as close to this version for my enjoyment. I was against TH sniping since 2013 so the December update for me was one of the best ever. Then they drastically reduced training times and came out with TH11 and new toys.

    If clouds were not an issue I'd be over the moon to be honest. That and the need for more single player content (quests, goblin maps etc etc)

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    Current game... but for gods sake SC please please bring back the waterfall!
    Quote Originally Posted by TooBizar4u View Post
    Removing toxic posts takes away 90% of the posts on here these days. Someone is always right and they want you to know it. That someone is me, now you know.

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    The one after the september update

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4dd1ct3d View Post
    The pre-December one
    yep. That one was the best

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    "i miss the th snipe though, thats the only time i played continuously, until it says, villagers need rest... ah golden days.., the hidden trap th snipe bases, it was a fun to see who falls in the trap and who not. the game had so much variation than, some were snipers, some were farmers, some were warriors and some were pushers, some were gemmers. everyone had their own value and method of play. nowadays everyone makes the same troop and do same attacks...boring...."

    100% agree with the above comment, clash lost its culture.

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