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Thread: new to the game, looking for a neighbourhood

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    new to the game, looking for a neighbourhood

    deutsch or english speaking

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    You didn't really include much. What's your level?

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    Bonus Derby Coins, Champions League, Tool Traders, Active Group and a Website!

    You should expect more from a neighborhood.

    Are you a bit of an addict but are sometimes frustrated with the game? I'm here to help. Join our neighborhood and start getting more enjoyment out of the game.

    We offer bonus coins for the top 3 finishers in each derby and a website filled with strategy, analysis, guides and even our own neighborhood fishing leaderboard. We even have our own Facebook group! Learn how to improve your game and avoid common mistakes. Participating in the derby is optional, but if you play then we complete all tasks with 300 point minimums.

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    Our name: The Playbook (Tag #82980LGR)
    Our symbol: Yellow horse on red background
    Our leader: The Professor (experience 115, reputation 41)
    Our league: Champions (9 horseshoes)
    Members: 23
    Name: The Professor
    Neighborhood: The Playbook (#82980LGR)
    Experience Level: 173
    Reputation Level: 61
    Hay Day Wiki Moderator

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    Hello all!!!
    We are Phoenix Farms we have a blue swirl with a green cat tag #80VYCRRC
    We are looking to build a new Neighborhood from scratch we are an active adult community
    We are a drama free bunch always willing to help and share We are derby competitive looking for new members to help build a derby strong competitive team we were previously champion derby members with 40+ weeks in the championship when our old neighborhood was deleted we decided to stick together and form a new team
    If you are looking for a strong group of people in high levels (78 , 57 ,48 ) look no further we are your group all levels welcome come join us chat and have a great time farming hope to chat soon!!❤️

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    Hello there Neighbor! We are currently 25 strong members from all over the world, this is our 23rd week in Champions league with lots of trophies to show for all our hard work. We are looking to add a few more committed daily players to our neighborhood, Derby play is strongly encouraged and supported but you can just opt out if you cant play in derby for any week, we understand that people have lives. We are always willing to help out with filling truck and boat orders, most of us are fully expanded so we always share our expansion materials and we love helping eachother learn and grow within their farm. We dont have alot of crazy rules and we are a very well established team, going on 2 years together, we really do care and we are just like an extended family. Join TucsonAz

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