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Thread: 🍒WANTED WANTED, AUSSIE, NZ, USA, UK,UN players or thereabouts lol😊

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    Hi. I’d love to join level 102 here active chatty love the derby and do all my tasks ������

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    Hi I’m in the UK and I have Facebook, I couldn’t reply to your inbox it says you have no space

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    Hi Robyn
    I would like to join your hood, I am a level 111 active player from Melbourne, Australia. I am a serious derby player and always complete 9 x 320pt tasks and will do a 10th task if required. I join in the chat and help other players as much as I can.



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    sent you an inbox

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    Hi, Friend and I are looking for a NH. I am level 75 and she is Level 142. Can we join after this Derby is finished. or as soon as we have finished our tasks?!
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    Quote Originally Posted by robynkayw View Post

    We have 2 vacancies at present, please message me to apply.
    Cheers, Robyn, Aussie Leader of The Active Help
    I'd love to join. I'm level 75, from Norway (+1gmt) and love to derby.

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    I am a level 35, active daily player. I love participating in Derby's and I always choose max point tasks. I participate and donate wherever I can. I'm looking for a group to grow old with lol. Possible exception on level requirement?

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    Hi I see your still rolling 👍

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    Hi Coby, yes we are doing really well����

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    Need a new home

    Hello! Im looking for a new home. Im level 54. My tag is #2R9CGLVQY and im from Pak. I am an active player and I do my best to help my fellow neighbors. Your neighborhood is perfect for me. I would be thankful if you give me that last spot in your neighborhood. Thank u.😊

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