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Thread: 💖💗💓Hoochie Honeys💓💗💖#9909QULR

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    Now Recruiting 💖💗💓Hoochie Honeys💓💗💖#9909QULR

    A small and friendly hood looking to grow again.
    Over 50 champions league Gold medals.
    Derby orientated,Max tasks and 10th task if the race is close.
    Elder on arrival.
    We're always happy to help with donations,swapping of upgrade materials etc.
    If your not sure of anything just ask, we don't bite.
    We love self sufficient players and hate leecher's,you get back what you put in .
    Level 80+,English speaking.
    Drop in and say hello, have a chat with us and see for yourself we're "simply the best"😀😀😀
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    Daily bump 😁😁😁

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    Daily bump 😁😁😁

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    Daily bump.
    Cmon give us a try you wont be disappointed, especially if the excitement of the fast derby win is your thing,see you soon 😀😀😀

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    Join before Tuesday if you want to derby with us,say hello and you just might find yourself staying with us 😁😁😁

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    There's still time to join us for fun and friendly chat,don't miss out drop in say hi and go from there!😀😀😀💖

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    Daily bump, if your tired of running a hood come join us and chill out a bit,spaces available to accommodate all

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    Are you looking for a fast paced derby? Or just a relaxed farming experience, we offer both so join us 😀😀😀

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    Fast paced derby nutters required to join us,over fifty golden cups to show for our efforts, if you don't want to derby and just farm for fun you are more than welcome too,c'mon a new week is starting and a new home is waiting for you 💗💓💓💗😁

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    Daily dump,ooops im mean bump!,cmon and join us for fun,mad derbies or just chilled farming.

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