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Thread: 🍒WANTED WANTED, AUSSIE, NZ, USA, UK,UN players or thereabouts lol😊

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    Hey Robyn - I’m interested!
    My current NH isn’t very active and it’s a real bug bear! I am 30, live in the Netherlands but from the UK. I’m a daily player, always complete at least 9 derby tasks and donate items as often as I can. I’m currently level 47 but going up quickly... please consider me! My player tag is #8UPQJ9V9J.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robynkayw View Post
    1 vacancy now available read our full ad and message me to join ��
    Hi Robynkayw

    My wife is level 83 and very active. Always does all 9 tasks and almost always 320 each but never less than 310.

    She is looking for a new NH where other people also does all their 9 tasks and are chatty.

    She also has me and my farm on the side for extra production.

    We are from Denmark (GMT+1).

    Would you be interested in having her in your NH?

    Kind regards

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    Quote Originally Posted by robynkayw View Post
    1 vacancy available see above read and message me to apply 😁
    Hi Robyn good luck I've left hd going to call Linda in next days for stuff left in my barn.

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    I’m very interested in joining your derby..I’m very dedicated to this game..My supercell ID is (redacted by forum moderator) and my tag is #(redacted).The name of my farm is (redacted).I am level 76..I hope to be welcomed into your hood.I will prove my worth if allowed.Im in the USA Texas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by robynkayw View Post
    2 vacancies now available, read our ad, then message me to join.

    Cheers Robyn
    Hi! My farm is level 65 and my tag is #GR0U0CC9 (the 0s could be Os). My farm name is Sunnyville and Im from California. Please let me know if theres anything other information you need from me. If I am what youre looking for, I look forward to the recruitment. If not, no worries! Have a great day.

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    I'm interested, but my non derby. Non chatty, non FB sister goes where I go. She is more like a silent helper. An assassin of help if you will. I'm 78th level, chatty, and farm A LOT. I like helping and finishing in top 3.

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    My husband and I would like to join your neighborhood. We are looking for a hood that does participate and chat. Our neighborhood we are currently in does not communicate at all and we are down to four of us out of 23 in the derby so we are looking for a neighborhood like yours. What do I need to do next in order to move after this derby. Thank you for reading and I look forward to your reply.

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    Hi robinkayw
    I am looking for NH if you still need a member
    I am level 69, my tag #22LJCP89R hippy coco
    I am from indonesia

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    Hiii !!! Guys, I am new at using Hay day forum and after going through your post I would like to join your neighbourhood. I am at my 39th level in hayday and I have always been keen on playing derby but until today none of my previous neighborhood meet my expectations. I am chatty somewhat and do hope to get back from u soon. Later

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    We have 3 vacancies available, invite only hood, so please Message me First to join, then il invite you. Cheers Robyn
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