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Thread: 🍒WANTED WANTED, AUSSIE, NZ, USA, UK,UN players or thereabouts lol😊

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    I would really like to join your NH.
    I am a level-36 player from India.
    I am active during derbies and do all 10 tasks.

    Looking forward for a positive reply...Thanks
    Farm Tag: #8JRUPLGCC
    Farm Name: :::36 Shades of Gr-hay:::

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    Hi Robyn When I first inquired about her joining your team, my team was full. As of this morning someone has been kicked similar to one of your rules three strikes and your out, My leader is in the states and wont be on until just after midnight our time. When I asked Jodi this morning she was happy to be in another team. Naturally as a mother I want to use the filter option available in this forum to seek a team that speaks highly of itself and not with some hiked up or crass name like I have seen. I also understand her desire to be independent. We recently had a 10 year old join our team - their age was not known to us until after they joined - that divided some of our players and whilst I supported him in the team I understand if you don't want to take on a young person. Our team has been in existence for close on 3 years with 10 - 12 of us over a year together and the level to join use to be 70. I understand your concern about taking on a young person which is why I wanted to make it known first. Jodi is very computer savvy and enjoys the game. As many in our team are level 100 or higher the team would not have need to trade with her. As her mother and step father we are both friends with her on facebook and she is free to buy from us as we are from her. If anything she would benefit from assistance I could give her such as tools to grow her barn, silo and town area or items that my 2500 size barn could provide. This last week I have provided her with coin in excess of 200000 to assist her growth and ability to purchase all her furnaces along with continuing to develop her town. My team has provided her with lots of land tools as none of us have any need for them anymore. The thread to my team is on page 13 of this forum called the Da Wheat Hood. Our rules are not that dissimilar to yours except we do 9 tasks over 300. I am going to approach my leader but when I did so recently she wanted Jodi to be a little bit higher so the answer may well be the same. Thank you for your time and may your enjoyment of this game continue. Julie

    PS. Have just logged on to play after typing this to find my team is full.
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    Thanks Robyn. Ready when you are. Her farm name is Little Sanctuary Julie

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    she is coming now. I have been checking

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    I don't understand I received a message inviting me to join, when I tried I was rejected. I don't know why, I'm level 54 a very active Derby player. I'm in a good neighborhood but they're not motivated to win the Derby. Your neighborhood sounded very motivated. I spend a lot of time playing as I am retired and feel I could have made a great contribution to your team.

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    Hey am Deepu farm sended you friend req lvl 39 pls accept me I am very active chatty and helpfull ..IST TIME ZONE PLS ACCEPT ME AND INVITE

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    Quote Originally Posted by robynkayw View Post
    1 new vacancy available, message me, give m yr tag and il invite u to join, look forward to farming together ,
    cheers Robyn, Aussie Leader. ☘
    I want to join if it active chatty to derby more then 300point then I want to join .but my lvl is 39 pls send friends req -#8RQ298U8C I always active most of time and invite me pls

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    Quote Originally Posted by robynkayw View Post
    WANTED WANTED WANTED ,Our hood is looking for 1 new Member preferably in the Australian time zone, But not a necessity. We have english speaking members worldwide, but mainly Australia & USA, Someone is on all the time, we like active, helpful,chatty derby playing members, who love to have fun, come check our hood out, we are waiting for you.☺ NO silent players or Forum Traders - please don't apply! We are a Champion derby playing hood. (Must participate in derby, ( unless you Opt out) we expect min 9 tasks x 300 points. Your choice if you want to do 10,( a lot of our members do 10) We are very loyal & support each other to benefit the hood as a whole, very much like one big happy family. Our hood is team oriented -working as a team gets results. (Please dont apply to join if you are only looking for expansion items) - no drama in our hood just fun fun fun & happy farming. Yes we do the birdhouse donations. We also have a Facebook Group just for our hood only, to communicate, make sugestions, keep in touch etc., which you MUST join. We look forward to meeting you.♥
    Our symbol is red cherry on blue shield. Message me, give me your tag and il invite you to join, hurry before next derby starts. ☘
    Cheers, Robyn the Aussie Leader.☘

    Our Hood is called: The Active Help
    Neighbourhood Tag = C9GLJ9C
    My Tag = C2LO22CO
    Im in Australia, not sure if level is high enough for you? Im an ex champions league player, do 10/10 over 300 weekly. Looking for nh in my Timezone as my current nh UK time

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    Id like to join pls send invite

    My tag is #2CPYG99P2
    Thank you

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    Hello from Sunflower Farm

    I recently got my old farm back after getting a new phone. Took a while to work it out with Apple since I didnt dont have access to the facebook account I used. I was unfortunately kicked out of the neighborhood I was in because I was inactive while trying to restore my farm and Im hoping to find a new one. Im a level 57 and very helpful and active. I make use of the group chat which Ive found isnt the case in most nh. Please think it over and let me know if youd like to go Ive give me an oppertunity to join thank you

    Also I am in the US however I work overnights so my active hours will vary. Sunflower Farm is the name in case you decide to a add me.
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