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Thread: More people in Titan and Legend these days

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    I'm averaging over 1.5 hours as a th11 at ~5200 trophies in between bases. I have timed out 5 times in the past 2 days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZombieMafiaBash View Post
    IMO, your #2&3 are incorrect.

    My search times out every 30 minutes. And so far today, I've been searching for almost 5 hours and have not seen a single base.

    FYI, I'm a th11 sitting around 5480 cups or so.
    Deal with it, stop complaining about clouds its journey week everyone is searching 24/7 to get there last cups before resets, if you guys can't handle clouds dont play in legends league simple as that

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    I just got a 11 cup offer from a 4hr cloud session! I only 2 starred though
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tedman99 View Post
    Try going to,

    its a site to help you with finding the best time to raid in relation to where you live. I find it very accurate.

    That's pretty awesome....thanks for posting that...

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    Clouds have been a bit rough the last few days. Currently at 4938 as a th9. Still alot of clouds in between bases.

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    HOLY COW I just got 2 stars and over 30 trophies off a legend. It was that th11 base that was in the reddit vs youtube event. Earlier today I was unable to beat it in war but nailed it in matchmaking! I'm 3 away from titan 1!!!

    ...just made it to Titan 1, not too much different from 2. Just got 6 stars off a dead th11, I'll take 'em any which way I can.
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