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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim[Supercell] View Post
    Hi all,

    We've been following your comments about the change to the forum mods' badge - from green "Moderators" to orange "Supercell Moderators" - which includes the Supercell stamp on any post they make. We did this for a few good reasons, but first let me begin with some context...

    Each year we invite the mods to join us in Helsinki for a week, to meet and catch up with us, but most importantly get to know one another. The value of this is huge. We get to know each other better and consequently work together better throughout the rest of the year. Additionally, the mods meet all of the game teams and get to bounce ideas off them, primarily bringing up your concerns and hopefully getting some good answers!

    This year one of the big topics was about giving the mods more 'ownership' of the forums - inspiration coming from how our game teams operate. If you didn't know, each game team truly owns their game. All decisions are made by the game team, without any external pressure from "execs", "business people", or whoever. This level of ownership means that every member of the team feels empowered and passionate about what they do, and ultimately responsible for the direction of the game. After discussing this as a group, we all felt that the mod team could really benefit from this sense of ownership.

    Ownership, in practice, means giving the mods access to more of the admin tools, allowing them to do more stuff on the forums without needing to ask us - such as creating new subforums, adding post prefixes, etc. Simply put, anything that the forum needs, we want them to be able to just do!

    The mods are here with you way more than we, as a small community team, can be (there are a bunch of other responsibilities that we each have within our respective game teams). So to us it makes perfect sense that the mods are the owners of the forum - they know it best after all, and are here every day out of passion for the games and the community.

    In addition to this, and perhaps most pertinently, we're in contact with the mods on a daily (hourly!) basis. Each community manager at Supercell is a part of a game team, sitting in the team space; therefore, the mods are very much up to speed with what's going on development wise.

    So, given that the mods know what's going on inside the game teams, and they know what's going on on the forums, we figured their posts really should reflect this and hold the same weight as any of ours (staff) would. We trust them implicitly and so should you!

    Good idea
    But changing the theme of forum can help us give more information about this blog at last this is good and well

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