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    Is a green name up for grabs then? I'm going title hunting now! Maybe there will be a new forum rank for people that publish many ideas or have constructive balancing arguments. Any thoughts on this?

    For Clash Royale, one of the Supercell Games I play,
    -I have a huge amount of detailed [Card Ideas]
    -I have been working on a major project for a [Survival Game-Mode]
    -I'm always making insanely long posts that always get ninja'd.

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    Thanks for the info

    Knowing that the coc team has ownership and that supercell has worked to retain creative control of the game through acquisitions makes a big difference IMO regarding future of the game.

    Good luck mods, appreciate the forum and +1 vote for mod financial ownership in the game.

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    Good idea to explain, glad to see that SC listens to and respects Mods.

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    I get it but I don't agree with it. The mods are important. They have valuable context and provide great feedback. However, when the true SC staff talk I go out of my way to listen. With the SC post link representing both SC staff and mods it diminishes its importance. Again, I get why it was done but it erased a useful tool for me and has resulted in a little bit of a boy crying wolf effect where now I just ignore the link.

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    Yas Orange cats > Green cats

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim[Supercell] View Post
    All decisions are made by the game team, without any external pressure from "execs", "business people", or whoever.
    Yeah, it's very - VERY hard to believe that big financial decisions like the introduction of Legendaries or being able to use offensive Heroes in war while upgrading them, depend solely on the developers..

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    It would be nice if your logo, or any actual news item logo were a different color.

    They know that they are doing, fine, but a lot of their messages are still "thread locked for rules violation". I really don't care to read those, and would like to distinguish them from informational posts.

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    No worries though guys... They still haven't given us Content Creators the keys to the kingdom.

    One day though... One day.... Bwahahahahahaha!!!!

    In all seriousness, they work hard, and I am grateful for their hard work.

    Thanks to all of you for what you do, to help make this game great.

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    Nice guys I love those colours have fun moderators

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stew00m View Post
    I'm a th11 in champs, if anyone has a cool car, hot girlfriend/wife, or any money there not using shoot me a pm.

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    This is the kind of stuff you waste your guys' time on?! My gosh. Embarrassing.

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