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    Thanks! Looks good

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    but if they're so much a part of the team and in some way speak on behalf of Supercell,

    why aren't they paid staff?
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    Thanks for clarification! Great post.
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    Good I'm glad to hear you guys gave the moderators a bigger cat litter box... Do they get to chase laser pointers on their downtime?

    But seriously it's good to know they are the link between the development team and us..

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    Quote Originally Posted by pooja98 View Post
    but if they're so much a part of the team and in some way speak on behalf of Supercell,

    why aren't they paid staff?
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    Quote Originally Posted by accown View Post
    Because there's no better slave than the one working voluntarily.
    That's one way to put it....

    Nonetheless, good job Tim! Thumbs up!

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    Could you guys possibly consider giving mod's or staff a different unique stamp next to threads they post in instead of the same stamp/badge for both? I know that it might go against your goal to give moderators more ownership of the forums but it would be nice to tell if it's a supercell staff person who posted or if it's a moderator's post. I know it's not a big deal to just click the stamp and see for yourself at it takes you straight their but it would be nice to be able to tell without having to do that.

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    Sounds like we actually finaly heading somewhere and well be getting some anwers and all that of needs to be.Well done
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    The thing about ownership means they are empowered to make changes. To act on the input they are given. The Mods still cannot do this because they aren't part of the game team.

    As much as I respect what they do and the time they dedicate to the Moderation of the forums, let's not color it differently. What the fan base / user base / customers of SuperCell want is more interaction directly with the game team, not a middle layer.

    The mods are slightly more empowered than the person that manages your Facebook page (which has hardly any info) or your website (content hardly ever changes). They are a voice piece for the message you want to deliver, but they aren't empowered to be involved with forming the message.

    I really enjoy this game, my only issue and the issue I see from others is that I want more. And SC should probably be applauded for this, as wanting your customer base to crave for more is the wet dream of most content creators. But at the end of the day if we don't get what we want we will find other avenues to appease us.

    Take for example ClashCon. You guys announced the Month (we are assuming you meant 2016) and the general city, but haven't given more details. It wasn't a Mod that delivered this message it was an Employee. And even that employee is only empowered to deliver what she is given. It's not like she is in the venue planning meeting trying to find what permits are needed. If the venue changes because of a workforce strike she has no control or empowerment to solve that.

    So, please, stop with the speeches and posts about telling us how we should feel and who we should trust because you think it's a good idea. If you want someone to feel ownership then truly empower them. Otherwise they are just a mouth piece for your message.

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    Thanks for the info!

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