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Thread: Thx, Supercell - back to life finally!

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    Wink Thx, Supercell - back to life finally!

    I've got my CoC account banned. Thank you, Supercell, now i can get rid of this drug named Clash of Clans
    Back to life finally

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    You deserved to (get banned) live a life

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    Great some positivity even after banning.

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    I like this.

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    This is exactly how I feel.
    Time to move on in life, coc was taking up far too much of my time.
    I will miss my virtual friends but would have never met them irl.
    The game is addictive and now I have had the help to quit

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    No one quits cold turkey. You'll be back in your TH1's by the time this thread hits page 2

    Enjoy the grind ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s

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    3 years playing to start again, not a chance in hell😂
    I am mid 40's and have far too much real life stuff I should have been doing

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    great job, keep the clean work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niche View Post
    3 years playing to start again, not a chance in hell
    I am mid 40's and have far too much real life stuff I should have been doing
    I'm sure you have noble aspirations my friend. Family time, hobbies, all that jazz.

    The truth is though you played this game because none of those things ever really interested you. This isn't like flipping a amount of permabans will make your wife, kids and life any less dull to you.

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    hahha i love this! mine was permanently banned too without any warning! SUPERCELL please read your FAIR USE POLICY, you said bans will be made IN STAGES, then why the first warning is already PERMANENT BAN. i dont use mods, but take a look at your policy

    General Fair Play Policy Information

    We’re stepping up our commitment to Fair Play!

    As part of our Fair Play policy, players using prohibited 3rd party software will face disciplinary action, including but not limited to: permanent ban. We consider “bot” and “mod” use cheating, and strongly encourage players to remove any aforementioned programs from their devices.

    By offering this warning, we hope to give all players a chance to enjoy our games the Fair way.


    • We have taken manual action against reported accounts using 3rd party software
    • This is not a “one time thing”, but an ongoing initiative designed to safeguard all games going forward
    • Disciplinary action will happen in stages, so not everybody will be banned at once – as previously mentioned, we will continue to take these steps to ensure fair play going forward

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