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Thread: Getting rid of dead bushes and trees

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    Getting rid of dead bushes and trees

    I love to play Hay Day! I play Hay Day a lot and unfortunately I find I have too many dead bushes and trees that take up a lot of room on my farm. Rather than having to purchase axes or saws, can these dead bushes and trees automatically go away once they cannot produce anymore, so that my farm isn't cluttered with them? It is a large expense to constantly purchase enough axes and saws to keep my farm looking nice and having the room I need to plant more trees and bushes in order to play the game. Thanks so much!

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    Nope! You have to use the axes or saws depending on whether their trees or bushes.

    Word of advice? Don't purchase alot of trees and bushes! I, myself, have 8 nectar bushes for the bees, and I have trouble with that as far as axes!!! Of the other bushes, I have a max of 4. And for trees, I don't have any more than 3 each. It's hard as far as production, but it doesn't leave me a forest of dead trees and bushes.

    I don't have Tom as often as I used to, anymore, either, so sometimes I'm left with a few dead stuff, especially nectar bushes, for awhile. If u are able to use Tom, though, have him fetch the saws and axes for you. Other than that, I don't know what else to say. That was the advice given to me when I was running out of axes so fast, myself.

    Good luck and happy farming.
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    Unfortunately I don't think this is going to be changed as it encourages the use of diamonds. I agree with Midori, don't have too many bushes. I also don't harvest the bushes and trees until I actually need the fruit (which also saves on silo space). But I still have a graveyard of dead nectar bushes! I'd rather cut down the brown bushes and stash away the dead nectars because they're not as ugly as some of the other dead ones.

    I'm currently saving up for Tom. Wheating may give you some axes and saws too.
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    Your biggest source of saws and axes is probably the Neighborhood Request system. You can get up to six of these per day.

    PS: Supercell likes money .

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    Noob to this game. Level 17. I just learned this the hard way. I got a bunch of apple trees, not sure how many but a lot. Now, I have a bunch of dead ones and I have no idea how to get rid of them. I was planning on using whatever saws I get to make room for my farm.
    Oh well, I am just going to stick to playing clash of clans.

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    Just curious... your forum join date is Mar 2018... you made only 17 levels in almost 2 years?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benjamin9632 View Post
    Just curious... your forum join date is Mar 2018... you made only 17 levels in almost 2 years?
    This player stated they are also a clasher... maybe they started playing HD last week. Forum join dates don't necessarily correspond to when a player started playing any specific SC game.

    Thank you TerMinus for the awesome sig!

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    I have between 30-40 of each fruit trees or bushes. I never run out of saws or axes. This is what I do... I NEVER sell fruits or berries, that way I don’t accelerate my dead trees/bushes count. I constantly grow stuff in my garden, do the townies A LOT (often get saws and axes and finish levels faster) and feed the animals livestock (cows, pigs, hen, sheep and goats) and pets (dogs, cats, donkeys, rabbits and horses). You will get a lot of axes and saws. Also, you can grow wheat and “dump” it in your shop for pennies. That way people will buy them and make space in your shop to continue producing wheat and get rewards (axes, saws and stuff to increase storage in barn and silos. Often I have 80+ of saws and axes, I end up selling some because I have too many.

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    Adding too many trees and bushes is maybe a lack of management. But i got to admit one thing: HayDay looks like a haunted yard with all them dead bodies... not very inviting for a new player .

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    Dont use fruit trees as a cash crop ... just as raw material for jam etc.
    Get as many carrot eating pets as you can, esp horses ... feeding them gets axes etc
    Try to save axes & saws ... the more you have the more the game gives you because you don't need them.

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