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    Balance Blog Series: August 2016

    The team is in full swing working on the next major update. In the meanwhile, we have a small balancing patch going out with the following changes:

    Cannon damage increased for levels 11-14
    We currently are developing a better defensive answer to mass-attacks of mid-size units. For now, a Cannon damage boost will help pick up the slack.

    Healers trigger air traps (once again)
    Healers have become a staple high-level troop, but stay out of defensive range too safely, sometimes for the entire battle. Cue the Seeking Air Mines!

    Miner movement speed reduced
    Miners are a bit too speedy for a unit that burrows underground, making them too effective at overwhelming and wiping out entire Villages.

    Attackers can deploy more of their army before Eagle Artillery will activate
    Eagle Artillery's quick activation limits phase-based attacks more than it needs to. This change gives attackers more early battle flexibility.

    Note that these changes are not live yet, we will let you know when we're ready to deploy it with a maintenance break!

    Make sure to post your comments and feedback in the comments below!

    - The Clash of Clans team
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    Yea im finally first!!

    Love seeing the healers getting a reduction but I dont think its a proper one after reading the reactions of everyone.

    A solution to the healer abuse can be that they dont get affected by rage spells, that will solve the over use of the healers durin aq walks and bowler/healer raids.
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    Woah, weird changes.

    "We don't want to promote mass attacks"

    *nerfs QW so multi stage attacks are even more useless*

    "We don't want to nerf units directly"

    *slows down miners*

    I'm a pretty decent attacker and I lose with bowlers/miners on good layouts. Listening to gally and powerbang are not good examples, these guys are very talented at the game and spend a lot of time on it perfecting strategies.

    Nerfing QW by increasing cannon dps along with air mines will decrease multi stage attacks to the point where we were at TH10. Which will be hard 2* and impossible 3* again. That was HORRIBLE.

    Here are some defenses in champ 2 against mass attackers as well as my review of the update:

    The current state of the game is by far the most enjoyable I've been in. If you have a good layout you will prevent 3. I have not been three starred in war by any mass attack. If a town hall has maxed heroes and offense, guess what, he should be able to 3* your base by looking at your layout for awhile.

    Please stop listening to this whining community, they do not represent the majority of attackers. Half of these problems can be solved by changing your base design.

    If you want to balance correctly, start by giving the golem a few extra levels. HELLO, WE NEED TANKS TO ABSORB HITS!!! That will lead to multi stage attacks! If we don't have anything to absorb Dps then what do you expect us to do, not use mass attacks?! You guys have added several levels to archer towers, cannons, increased dps of xbows, eagle artillery, and level 4 infernoes, and have not given the golem ANY love since TH9. And it was the unit which allowed us to do these multi stage attacks you gloat you want to bring back.

    I HOPE to see some levels added to the golem with all these defense buffs.

    All in all, not very impressed with the balancing series. I'd rather see a poll or beta testing
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    That will hurt quite a bit when it goes live, but it's needed (healers with air traps). I don't know if I agree with the cannon damage increase tho, might be something to test out while the next update is not live...

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    Wowza. I like the healer AI change.

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    Was excited until I saw no real answer for troop vomit spam attacks

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    I retired...#BlameHolpsy ;)
    Healers are down... He he he
    gonna be an interesting few days after this starts more def wins

    Quote Originally Posted by jeebs16 View Post
    Was excited until I saw no real answer for troop vomit spam attacks
    true spammers use healers behind their bowlers, healers are now susceptible to air mines again, that will inhibit them greatly.
    Miners are getting slowed down, that will make them susceptible to getting hit while above ground and dying out faster.

    thats probably as balanced as one can get without nerfing
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    The official Nerf application just had it's newest addition... Bh complaints!
    still a work in progress though..

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    Question They Are Nurfing The Minors! Proof!

    Slowing The Speed Of Miners!
    Who Is Gonna Quit Now!
    Not Me It Was Needed! Id Say They Will Be Just As Good!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cleggy View Post
    Healers are down... He he he
    gonna be an interesting few days after this starts more def wins
    Interesting now if air would get a buff then it would force people to smartly choose between air mines outside or inside.

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    Miners modification

    Here is a suggestion concerining modifying minors:

    when they dig under a wall, they will be delayed for a value equal to the level of the wall. THe assumption is the higher level of wall, the stronger and deeper its foundations. Therefore, more work is needed on the miners.
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