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    Developer Q&A

    Hi all, sorry for the long wait.
    Unfortunatley I didn't get to go through my full list of questions in person, but I intend to follow up on them over the coming weeks.
    But what I do have:

    The team doesn't use the words 'engineered bases', they call them 'lopsided bases'.
    A few months back they changed clan war weighting to stop people who had high level bases, but low level troops only upgrading the ones they used. But then people learnt to do the opposite. They will be balancing things out again, though I was not given a time frame, so could be this update but also might not.

    Clan Perks:
    Currently, perks cap out at level 10. However clan levels continue on. While not likely to happen in this coming update, what the team is planning to do is give some sort of reward for levelling up. (new decorations, clan flag, clan badges e.c.t)
    They don't want to increase the perks system because they too heavily influence people to join a specific clan, and in another year or two it would be extremely hard to recruit people into a startup clan with so many high level clans.

    Heroes in War:
    Still a no to having upgrading heroes always available. However, they really want to have them in FC's, to allow for real practice, so it's very likely that we will see some changes there.

    Global Chat & Co-Leader Chat:
    Global chat has been on the radar for a long time, the problem is so many on the team have mixed feelings about it. Some want to get rid of it, others want to improve it because it's really the only in-game way of recruiting people. So nothing has been decided on this yet, but it's on the agenda for the next meeting.
    In regards to co-leader chat, they love the idea of it, but are unsure of the implementation of it. Every single message is recorded due to legal reasons, and another chat is just more messages to store. So in short, the moderation of such a thing would be tricky, but also not ruled out now.

    Friendly Challenges:
    I can't give any details on what's coming in case things change, but you can expect a lot of improvements and changes to friendly challenges. One thing I stressed is the 24 hour cool down needs improvement. Especially if you are testing a base, and need to move a few traps, it can be rather frustrating waiting to try it again. They seemed rather receptive of having a minimum amount of moves before the cool down activates.
    They also explained the cool down was never part of the design, but an addition to solve the modding issues that the community brought up during the sneak peeks. And they are open to improving it.

    They were 5 of the 20 topics I had to get through, but each topic takes so long to discuss, and I had to run off during the meeting. However I will follow up on the rest of the questions via email and get the answers to you.

    Twister asked more specifically about ideas and feature requests on the forum, and revisited a lot of the old ideas that have been ruled out since 2012. So keep an eye on his posts as he knows more about that than I do.

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    Wow! Some good info.

    "Still a no to having upgrading heroes always available." But maybe always available in war?

    I love the news about Friendly Challenge improvements, they have so much potential.

    The biggest thing that worries me is no mention of modding. Modding remains one of the biggest issues in the game, much bigger than engineering IMO.
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    Glad to hear they're working on things. I'm not surprised they didn't give more information about exact plans, but SC seems to like playing things close to the vest.

    "Lopsided bases" I like that term, and glad they will be addressed. Hopefully sooner rather than later. Not at all shocked that we aren't getting "heros in war," no one should be surprised by this.

    Lastly, Lach, thanks a lot for taking the time while on holiday to discuss some of these issues with the Devs. It's much appreciated by many of us around here
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    Nice to hear, some great info!

    As said above, thanks for taking time out of your holiday to do this
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    Great info

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    Quote Originally Posted by LachNessMeownster View Post
    Long post quote
    And there is the answer to the billion dollar question. One would be unwise to start engineering anytime in the near future. Some of you guys should drop some defensive weapons.

    There was a thank you Lach in there but I guess you edited that part out..
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    Thanks Lach.

    Maybe not quite what we were after, but the effort is appreciated.

    Are we allowed to start Twister stalking now?

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    Wow amazing Lach thanks for getting back to us.much appreciated. The burning question has been answered. Engineering is gaming the system and devs intend to do something to fix it in a coming update. Thank you for your time.

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    Lopsided bases I like that one

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    Ok! So I read through and I am excited that supercell is working on it! As for "lopsided bases, I hope that they put in a compromise, not a total leaning to one side, to balence, not to nerf
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