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    Buying gems

    I clicked the 4.99 pack and confirmed the purchase when on the app store. when i got back onto clash of clans, the gems didnt come. its been 30 min, how long does it take?!

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    I bought the gems then like 20 minutes later they showed up but then I wanted to get more but the options to get the gems are grey and whenever I enter clash of clans it askes me for my AppStore password! Plzzzzzzzzzz help!!!

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    Same issue, same time frame.

    I'm having the exact same problem as described above.

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    My gems didnt come to me

    Recently i bought a 9.99 back of 1200 gems and i didnt receive them, i was charged with the bill of 10 dollars and some odd amount of change but didnt get my gems? I tried contacting super cell but its bin 3 days with no response. What should i do?

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    Same here... exactly the same! Thing is, if u don't sign in to apple id.. CoC still loads tho...

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    Nope, maybe you can reinstall the game? That can be really annoying!

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    Was charged

    I was also charged $4.99(usd) for 500 gems. I can't download anymore games or upload anything to youtube till I pay. I don't want the gems now but I want the charged removed. I Called Apple and my warranty ran out now I can't get my issue solved unless I pay them $19.99 to get a solution.

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    It gave me an error code so I didn't think of it since not charged so i went to buy other stuff and then I find out I'm -$4.33 in the hole.

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    Super cell please fix the gem problem

    I know im not the only person having trouble buying gems. So if anyone else bought gems had trouble but was able to get them please help me

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    yep exactly the same here

    Quote Originally Posted by Thadiator View Post
    I just recently purchased some gems. The purchase was strange and didnt happen right away. I exited the game and came back to it only to be asked to put my apple sign in info in. I had the gems I purchased and everything looked to be ok.

    Now everytime I open CoC I am required to enter my apple password. Has anyone experienced this before? Any thoughts on how to get it to stop? Thanks for your help!

    I bought gems, nothing came through, so I tried my ipad, bought gems nothing came through, then I received one load of gems and got charged for two. Now Im prompted to key in my apple id everytime i launch Clash, and I cant buy gems because its all greyed out. Ive spoken to apple, done a hard restart, restored my phone from a backup, made sure that inapp purchasing is fine, checked my payment deets and still i get prompted and cant buy gems. Apple said that the store went down wednesday 7 of august GMT 18hrs, the same time as I tried buying Gems. Apple say its Supercells problem, which is a little suspect seeing everything was fine until the app store crashed

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