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    Oct 2015
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    I am looking to get our L5 Clan going again. Head over to our L7 and you and I can discuss details. I can move accounts down to make war numbers if necessary.

    Check us out. Say Brisket sent you. Go to our L7 Clan for now!

    Follow links for information. Please type clan names with exact spacing when searching.
    R & R Monsters L7 Clan Recruitment Thread #2YQQYGPL
    R&R Monsters 2 L5 Feeder Clan Recruitment Thread #L090L90R
    Want to Merge With Us? Merge Thread

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    CLAN TAG #U809YR8

    Hello Clasher

    Looking for new members (like who isn't right) to join and learn from each other. It is also a adult clan. So if you are looking for a new home or a good chat then stop in the L9 clan. Make sure you say you saw the post we might be in war k.

    We are looking for adults that are willing to learn and have fun. Also be able to communicate and not be a mute. We also use kik for more detailed information. Thx for reading and keep on clashing.

    Look us up for more details.
    IGN Darko

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    Oct 2015
    MN ICE
    Clan tag #8UCRP8CL
    Lv8 clan
    War three times a week
    located in the USA
    mostly adult
    we try to keep the drama out
    PM me if interested
    MN ICE
    Clan tag #8UCRP8CL
    Lv17 clan

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    Sent you a pm with some info about us.
    Seven and Seven - Leader of the clan Pick Yer Poison (Tag#LJJPVVLY).

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    Come check us out at #90GVJVUV.

    Fun group of people. No drama. Tons of communication and help if needed. CC's get filled right away. We don't stop winning.

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    Come check us out! #90gvjvuv Joyfull ^^^^^ and I are willing to work something out so you guys can fit in!

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    Well I have a clan i just started that i think you would be very welcomed to. We are called "The Titans" we are getting members that were leaders from old clans that are joining up with my clan to rise in ranks. If you want to join then add me on clash or search the clan. We dont just give promotions they are strictly for peformance so this sint no ima join just to get protions. We are a semi serious clan that will use both attacks in war every time if not the person will be sat out of war until the next. Hope to see you there.

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    The Wise Guys -- Level 11 Clan -- 272 War Wins -- Adult War Clan
    Check us out on clash track

    Must sign up for clash track
    Say captain when applying

    273-93-3 overall, 42-8 in our last 50 wars

    Active, Adult war clan looking for new th8+ non-rushed members.

    For war attacks go for the 3 star and follow the war plan set out by the co-leaders on ClashTrack

    We don't care much if you fail...just don't GoWiPe knowing the best outcome is a 2 star. 3 Stars win wars

    Always seek new ways to improve your game through guides, videos or advice

    When applying, read the clan description. Clan tag is#88J8GUL

    War search Monday-Friday
    Sunday off for friendly wars

    Guidelines for the Clan Members:
    i) Be active in chat and hopefully farm every once in awhile. Inactivity will lead to the exit.

    ii) Donate at least at. 1:4 ratio...basically just don't be a leach

    iii) Always attack in Clan Wars, targeting the assigned/called target you can 3-star.

    iv) Donate only what it is asked.

    v) Be ready to learn alongside us and grow stronger. Teaching other clanmates is expected if you spot a wrong strategy.

    vi) War performance is taken very seriously both in defense and offense. War Records are kept for each player and people who perform badly and do not improve are asked to leave. This is the secret to our strong core.

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    Hello there! Im Shiven.. Leader of the clan Wildcats (#Y9Q88PYC)
    Our clan is level 5 and we are in need of some members who can handle my clan when im gone (as in when im offline) So i think you might be the perfect person for this.. What do u say? I hope u'll help me..
    Facebook: Shiven Kumarage
    Whatsapp: +94723174015
    Contact me.. Thanks! ✌🏻️

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