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Thread: How fair play and anti hack ist supercell really? storry of a hacked top warclan

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    What Supercell could do:

    - check data (udid/ISP/IP/Device/State) of the founder of ACTA NON VERBA and compare it with the current leader

    - check if the changes to the clan are made AFTER ello was hacked - so the clan leader change is caused by the hacker

    - confirm that ACTA NON VERBA was (is) your clan

    - to change clan description and to point out that they are in a stolen clan and if the leader does not return it then it will have consequences - or call upon to leave the clan and give it back to the real owners
    (after that warning they will have 48 hours to do so or the leader will become a 6 month ban to get them inactive so they can change the clan leader role to your player who is in the clan - or they give everyone who is left in the clan a 6 month ban to get sure that your player will get the leader role automaticly)

    - to generate a duplication of ACTA NON VERBA clan and to put in ello or someone else from the ACTA NON VERBA member (move profile or paste his player ID in the memberlist of the new duplicated clan) and then delete the old ACTA NON VERBA clan

    i think the last one is the best soulution for this problem!

    What you guys from ANV can do:

    - bring the founder of ANV into the game that he can confirm who was the last leader of ANV

    - try to get in contact with the person who is now leading your clan and try to speak with him/her (using translator). ask him/her to give you the clan back and how he was able to get this clan (did he/she buy it or trade it or get it for free)

    - hope that supercell will give us support for this problem that it can be solved with humanity and fairness for the players that are loyal and spend alot of money for that game
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    Supercell already knows that the changes are made by a hacker but they are not interested to undo those changes.
    They only retrieve the compromised village. The rest of the clan problem is upto you.
    Account security is your responsibility. Not being careful about your own security gives intruders an upper hand to steal your account. Intruders
    manage to access your account when you share your passwords without noticing that someone is hearing or when you don't care about your old phone with signed in account.

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