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    A few things coming in the next update...

    Heads up! The Clash Royale team are back from summer vacation (in Finland it's customary for everyone to take July off for summer holidays) and we're busy thinking about the next update! On a high level, our current development priority list is:

    - Improve tournaments a lot (we want to re-work them in a pretty big way)
    - Make Legendary Cards more obtainable
    - New cards & balance changes

    We have a bunch of other ideas for updates, these are just our initial and rough thoughts on what we'd like to bring with the next one

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    Finally sc is back from vacation now we don't need new cards in the game right now. Supercell needs to balance the current ones
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    Thanks for this post Tim! This should calm down the community. Could you look at my Fire Maiden idea as something for the next content update? It is very unique in design, also being the only troop withdrawal rack-up damage, follows the lore, and many players support it in the past.

    I've been adjusting it and making sure that it is balanced for a while now and I hope it makes a good addition to the game if it is implemented. I've worked hard on the idea for 6 months (basically since fire spirits were first introduced) because I think it will work nicely in the game.

    I also made a Lunar Cultist idea thread recently and it is very unique. It takes splash damage and attack speed to a whole new level! It seems fairly balanced, having less health and damage than a valkyrie but with long range and very wide splash.

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    For Clash Royale, one of the Supercell Games I play,
    -I have a huge amount of detailed [Card Ideas]
    -I have been working on a major project for a [Survival Game-Mode]
    -I'm always making insanely long posts that always get ninja'd.

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    Is there anything on sparky's rework . It serioulsy need to be taken in consideration.
    One side note
    If you think you can make legendary more available by adding more legendary than please dont bother . There are more than enough legendary for now just make it more common to get than it used to be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Theprimeone9 View Post

    Thought I was first.
    well you're second if that helps lol

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    YES! SuperCell is back!! I wonder what is the fate of Tournaments. Legendaries becoming more obtainable... Sure hope the new cards help fix some unbalanced cards.
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    Yeah, I rarely see tournaments nowadays, it needs rework

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    Okay. We need cheaper chests from shops because everyone is cheating in tournaments. 300 USD can get them 15000 cards. I am never going to buy Super Magical Chests if people can cheat their way through by buying tournament top spots for much cheaper prices. I spent thousands of dollars on this game only to get kicked in the gut. Ridiculous

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    Make legendary cards more obtainable sounds decent. I think I'm owed 2 at least...

    Edit: why isn't this a sticky, Tim?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim[Supercell] View Post
    (in Finland it's customary for everyone to take July off for Summer holidays)
    I wish it was 2 months just to annoy the masses that have huffed and puffed waiting for your return.

    Thank you Heeb for the signature pic.

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