Not to be confused with the real clash anniversary but I created my first account on 2nd Aug 2014 and its now 2 years since I've started. Man, this journey has been long, but it could've been longer. I'm here just to brag and you can hate on that fact all you like



Yeap, outdated base design, don't care at all. 16 hours shield is more valuable to my sleeping and studying time.

Maxed walls, maxed heroes, non-maxed troops. So I cannot claim myself as a "maxed TH11". Hey, at least I'm reached legends without maxed TH11 offenses Yeah, bash me for my low war stars

Second account

Not as impressive, but hey, its something. Wasn't too hardcore on this account initially, and warred quite a little with this when it was TH8/9. People claim I never warred but I did with this account and my main, at least better than those camping at TH7/8 farming war stars

Pretty weak walls and heroes, I admit. Most people will not even accept TH9s with such heroes and walls But at least I have enough DE for lvl31 AQ 2 days before she's ready to wake, and I'm farming DE without queen successfully.

Third account

This account is just created to challenge myself and have fun farming again. The 4th hero grind I'm doing and 3rd one I'm doing concurrently (I have few other accounts which aren't here in this post). To be fair, this account is only 71 day old, so as I maxer I'll only be TH6-7 with no chance at all of having 10/4 royals. And I know I should've upgraded this far earlier if I wanted to grind heroes, but starting the 3rd grind is daunting.

Yeap, rubbish walls and premmie troops, don't need to rub it in.

Well, these 2 years have been fun for me and I'll continue clashing away. For me, the dev team churns out good updates and I have no complaints about it in general. Farming has always been and will always be good for me. If my first paragraph didn't generate flames, that statement would've gotten it.

Now I'm waiting for the 1 gem boost to shoot myself forward once again