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Thread: Looking for a way to upgrade my Th8 war base into Th9. Need help

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    Looking for a way to upgrade my Th8 war base into Th9. Need help

    So I turned Th9 not that long ago, and I'm struggling of adjusting my Th8 war base into a Th9 form. As you might see, some elements we're already done to it and they work, the max I was destroyed is 82% by a Th9 with level 20 heroes.

    But I am having trouble of fitting my last 2 wizard towers for an effective splash damage. Can anyone help me edit this?

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    That attacker must be really poor then at attacking for getting just 82%.

    Your base (as it is now) will be easily 3* with a GoHo or GoVaHo by a th9 (especially with lvl 20s heroes) from a decent war clan.

    Try getting DGBs, put your WTs inside the base. There are lots of th9 bases out there.

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    Why the exposed WTs? Pointless. Simply try an anti-3 star base, there are lots out there nowadays for TH9. I recommend the new Omerta, it is unique and hence harder to attack or devise strategies for.
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    Number 1 thing not to do is use a generic base you find on youtube or google...Having a few defenses outside the walls like a cannon and maybe even an archer tower is okay. But, never put the wiz tower outside the walls. You need to have the wiz towers spread throughout the base do not put them all together either. Honestly, this base could easily be 3 starred by multiple different ways, so I what I recommend is starting from scratch. You need to have your queen, cc, th, and 1 xbow centralized. Because right now the big thing is valks do not put all your building together set up ways to lead troops into traps, double giant bombs, etc. This will make an effective base. Again, do not go on youtube to find this base, those bases are super easy to 3 star. There are plenty of youtube videos that show how to 3 star these internet bases. If you need help with attacking for a th9 check out my youtube channel I am a max th9 and love to make videos on it. Anyways, I hope this helps.

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    I honestly do think people do not read what I wrote. While I am thankful for the comments and the help, but I was looking for ways to improve this base as in make it into a Th9 war base: Including finding spots to add the wizard towers into the base. I am kinda low on space and I did build this myself and I am still working on it. But I will take up ExordiumYT advice's and try to see what I can do with this little base, obviously hoping to keep it more or less comfortable for myself.

    As for youtube bases, I've used them on Th7 only, everything else I was building on my own, because I really rarely find a base that suits my style :/

    Edit: I have worked on it a little and I did find a spot for the wizard towers. Well that is for just now until I figure out how to build a better base or I actually find something good. Someone in the comments named one base so I'll go check it out
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    Oh..I did read what you asked, and I am sure others did too. What you should realize is that your base is lacking some of the essential features to prevent 3* attack strategies. And that's what we are trying to tell you, and you obviously don't read what we suggested.
    It is fine to design your own base, but if you care, it should have important features, such as hog pathing, dgbs, and optimized sprint traps for valks.

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