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Thread: ❤️ Paying diamonds to extend life of trees & plants

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    ❤️ Paying diamonds to extend life of trees & plants

    As we know, this game is very humanitarian (animals never die, we have bacons without killing our pigs). In reality trees can out live any animal, they also grow slower and live for indefinite amount of time (for now they grow too quickly, just 3 times and one more with others help), this is a great disappointment and also sadness for trees-loving, logic-thinking players, once they reach the end, chop and thats it, no love, kind off very cruel and unreal too, I was shocked the first time I saw my tree died ... (We are living in a time when ppl have increased sense of love for their gardens, my mom loves some trees in our garden like her pets).
    I think we should have option to pay diamonds to extend their life - for another cycle, then another ... If the diamond cost is reasonable (hopefully fixed and not gradually increased would be reasonable thinking), ppl may love it and it helps Hayday income too. Having only chop option (if u have saws or axes) is rather painful thing for trees/ logic/ nature/ farming lovers you know !!! Thanks heap ❤️❤️❤️
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    It would mean the whole game being recalibrated, it's simply not going to happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmallChange View Post
    It would mean the whole game being recalibrated, it's simply not going to happen.
    Its simply a revive option paid by diamonds, what recalibration do u mean? 😄

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    But why would I want to spend diamonds to extend a tree's life when I can replace it with coins? I appreciate the sadness felt when the pixels indicate a dead tree but the circle of life includes death as well.
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    I get what the original poster is saying; but I cannot see SuperCell getting any additional cash-flow from it. And that is what encourages a business to add new stuff to the game.

    Because this really just replaces the need to purchase extra Saws & Axes, which many do via Tom.
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    I mean lets think if you pay 1 diamond and get to another advanced level of awesome look, which u dont have when the tree lives normally, but a super evolved mode maybe called "evolve" - with new 5 life cycles for example, each cycle looks even more awesome with more fruits .... Its can be quite tempting isnt it? Just a way to tempt ppl who have lots of diamonds, some ppl pay thousands $ to play this game they would love to pay !

    U can also change the whole 9 cycles of life for the trees to grow slower, not suddenly look huge like current... I know it can be unusual change but usually changes are exciting yeah?

    Not only we can use 1 diamond to evolve, Im thinking we can also use the tickets for it. Like for trees, u can use 1 diamond or 1 green ticket, for plants a diamond or 1 blue ticket, for flower 1 diamond or 1 violet ticket ... ❤️
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