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Thread: Need a new clan

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    Need a new clan

    Hi! I'm 13 and I've been kicked a lot from my clans. Tbh I never liked my clans. I've been in Club Arsenal and 4uckyall. I do not recommend anyone to join them. I want people to understand me. I can talk ♥♥♥♥ but I want people to understand me. I also want a war clan, no rushed bases, a friendly clan and people who are active. I will dedicate myself and will be loyal. Don't want any adults at all.

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    Also I'm not eligible for war for 23 hours and 7 minutes.

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    you're in a the wrong place son. Its mostly adults here and nobody wants whiny little kids in their clan

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    Hey BoFG!
    My name is Gurgs and I'm leader of this clan called H3ADHUNT3RS. We are a newly established war clan. We accepted bases of all types (including farmers) except rushed bases. As long as farmers aren't giving away a free star in war we will accept them. Although we are a war clan feel free to join if you don't want to participate in war as well... Just simply opt out.
    We are a fun clan and we are extremely friendly... We love new members and we are active. We also challenge a lot to warm up for wars and to just have fun. We are an all ages clan so it would be perfect for you.
    We would love to have TH 7+ and we would love to have you.
    Hope to see you as a H3ADHUNT3RS member soon!

    Clan Name: H3ADHUNT3RS
    Clan Code: #GQCVGVYO

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    ♥♥♥♥ -- I dont want you.

    And good luck finding -any - clan that actually recruits what they say they want...

    all adult clans - have kids sneaking in all the time

    all kid clans - are too immature and disorganized - and dont bother to attempt to figure out what age people are... ♥♥♥♥

    You just want a random noob clan where everyone messes around - it sounds like -- good luck with that.

    I dont know of any 100% kids clans...

    theWfarm was run by a 16yo - who i think quit playing... and there was no age limit involved...

    Website- Clan Recruitment - War Weight - Suggested Upgrade Paths
    NightmareGuild2 #YRY2YRQ2 - FWA wars
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