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    I'll genuinely miss you guys. Stay Frosty.

    Calling Forum Herders.....send us your goats.

    Following declaration of 'mission accomplished' in Forum Events, phase 2 of the Goats plan to take over the world is about the commence.

    A new baby clan has risen from the forum ashes and it will be the home of the Goat. It will be a place dedicated to all its guises. We will have Troll wars, Goat wars, Themed wars and most importantly we will win wars. We will be appealing regularly for forum people to join us and meet the forumers you read here regularly and we will post regular updates on great troll bases and war themes.

    There are very few must be fair play, respectful on chat and active. This place will be as popular as a post update rant thread and ten times as amusing so don't miss the boat.

    Any level base is welcome and any standard of war player. You can come show us your ice cool troop drops or come learn from some very talented Clashers...Stay a week, stay a month, stay a day just don't stay away.

    Trust me when I say you will not find a friendlier, more active group and there is no better excuse to find a pub with WiFi.

    Bring Beer, Bring Pringles....Please add your forum ID on join requests as we need to know you are from here and be patient initially while I round up the lost goats from Forum Events who are off warring during Chatters.

    Clan name : Forum Goat Herd. #G2YJ2JQ9
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    I will be most pleased to participate. As soon as we emerge victorious in our latest war i will help herd the traveling goats over.

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    on my way
    Nice timing for me to log on.
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    Same here, i'll drop by as soon as the war in darth is done.Make way for the update goat!!!!!

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    Yay! Our new home!

    Please come visit for some 50/50 war fun! Getting to meet forumers in a different way is a great way to help build up our community! We hope to get to meet many of you. Take a break from your current clan. Send a mini account over for a war. Come hang out with some other forum friends. We don't care about TH levels...just respectful fun chat and lots of Pringles to keep the cowboy happy!

    Please drop by!

    Edit: Please include your forum name, or mention this thread in your request message. Thanx!
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    SLIGH Ranch main on the way. Forum readers don't be scared stop buy you may never leave once you experience the power of the goat. If you cannot get in post here we may have a few minis we can kick.
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    i will join but due to last last experience on another event im keeping my iron curtain option at hand.

    dual abilities? yeah! keeps your weapons heavy

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    I would love to bring my mini account ho lee fok by again.

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    We dont have to agree on anything to be kind to one another
    There a clash crazy kiwi chick pecking at the and goat boots in hand.....(Holpsy, i stand by my claim that Maverick IS a real western ��)

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    I love to hurt goats. meant herd. Can't wait, see y'all on Tuesday.

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