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    It's the day all the skeletons been waiting for!
    sky's the limit. they can't ask for more.
    free day for the witch. they're all free to get some stuffs, eat cotton candy.
    purple head lady it's a shopping spree.
    think she'll grab something for archery.
    All barbs are waiting for their new sword.
    maybe a toy for giant when he is bored.
    Funny how these words came to line though i guess it rhymes.
    But now all troops are set to rush.
    Chief, i'm running out of words, it's time to clash!!

    by: Pia Dolores Florendo
    Game center id: bayiw

    Here's the link:
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    Hey Steve, when can we expect the winners to be announced? Soon after three, or sometime tomorrow?

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    Playing Clas of Clans (Recruiting for her Clan)

    She will go to her couch. Get her iPad, start typing "Join us"....""No.. you Join us".. for the whole day like us

    Game Center ID : chandracly
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    Here's the link:
    The witch spends her holidays digging up graves, looking for new warriors to recruit.
    COC name: Lord Geo

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    Take Group Photo with DARK BARRACK TROOP when Witch had her day off. Happy Family =]

    Had an amazing group photo with Dark Barrack Troop while Witch had her day off. Happy Family =]

    Clash of Clan Name: KeysPlayer

    Game Center: KINGSLEYKIWII

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    The Witch goes thrift shopping.

    The witch loves to go out on days off, searching for vintage clothing and racing Macklemore across old sofas.
    P.s I put alot of effort into this haha, first time using photoshop

    GameCenter ID: Penhey
    COC Username: Crook
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    Entry Closed


    We got so many good entries we didn't know which ones to pick, so we headed over to Facebook and posted some of our favorites.

    The winners will be selected at 2pm PST tomorrow by which photos have the MOST LIKES on these photos:
    Don't forget to vote!

    Steve / Supercell
    Brand Marketing

    Stop what you're doing and read these now:

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    Thread updated with winners! See the first post =D
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